Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Oct 17, 2018 | Teacher: Connie Zouka <>

Homework for Saturday October 27th

For Sat. Oct 27: Do the Writing Task F, p. 25 in CHOICES (A descriptive article).

Read and study the model article ND THE WRITING PLAN ON P. 24.

Also, finish the exercises in the Workbook, Unit 3, p. 16-20 and in Mastering, Unit 4, p. 25-29.



Oct 13, 2018 | Teacher: Connie Zouka <>


For Sat. Oct. 20: Do all the exercises in the CHOICES WORKBOOK, Unit 2, p. 10-14 (including the Listening)
                            and In the MASTERING book, Unit 3, p. 17-24. Also, review the vocabulary and grammar of Unit 1 in
                            CHOICES as preparation for a QUIZ.

In class on Sat. Oct. 13, we went over the homework assigned for today. Then we began Unit 2 in CHOICES, completing the reading, vocabulary and gramar exercises. 

Oct 6, 2018 | Teacher: Connie Zouka <>


For Sat. Oct.13: Do Writing  Task F in the CHOICES Student book, p. 15. This is a letter of application. Use the model letter on p. 14 as a guide.
                          Also, do the exercises in Towards MASTERING  Use of English, Unit 1, p. 7-11 for grammar/usage practice and  in the 
                          Companion book, do the Unit 1 exercises, p. 12 for vocabulary practice.

In class on Sat. Oct 6, we went over all the homework previously assigned. Then we did the listening, speaking and writing sections of Unit 1

Sep 22, 2018 | Teacher: Connie Zouka <>


In class on Sat. Sept 22: Students introduced themselves and talked about themselves. We then examined the CHOICES Student Book and focused on Unit 1, completing the Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar exercises.

For Sat. Sept 29: Finish the B2 Exam Practice in the Student Book, p. 10-11. Then do the exercises in the Workbook, Unit 1, p. 4-9, including the Listening, p.8, (the CD came with the Workbook) and the Writing Exercises A, B and C, p. 9.