We would like to introduce to you, our brand new Melina’s, set in a 900 m2 garden, situated on Harilaou Trikoupi 34 in Kifissia has been transformed to welcome our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. … Read more


IB DIPLOMA RESULTS MAY 2017 The International School of Athens is proud to announce the remarkable achievement of the ISA IB Diploma students in the May 2017 examination session. Passing Rate: 96% Highest score: 42 points School Average: 34 points 14% of the candidates achieved 40 points and above, and 50% achieved 35 and … Read more

Walk and Sketch tour in Nafplio. Worshiping and ritualistic practices of the time are presented through the city of Nafplio.

In the ancient past the goddess Hera and the goddess Athena were worshiped here. Tribute was paid to them in either sanctuaries or in the artifacts of the 5th century BC, now found in the museums. We visited the following places of worship today and observed the comparisons of architecture (interior and exterior), decoration and religious artifac… Read more

Nafplio - Science Department Activity

The science department collaborated with Mrs Vasileiou to organize a short activity on the biological and geological diversity of Akronafplia. Students and teachers watched a presentation by Mrs Vasileiou at the Public Library of Nafplio “O Palamidis” and then proceeded for a walk (under rain!) around Arvanitia and Akronafplia to see first h… Read more

ISA's Annual Art Exhibition

ISA’s annual Art Exhibition took place once again on 1st April 2017. The artwork was displayed at The Mall Athens. The entire school from Melina’s Kindergarten to High school, participated. Students not only displayed their work but were also given the opportunity to discuss their inspiration, and the creative process including techniques an… Read more

Poetry Day

World Poetry is an international event , celebrated by all people worldwide on March 21st . Poetry is the art of using language creatively and in unexpected ways so as to communicate a special message or theme . The great thing about poetry , is that no matter which language it is written or read in , it can still be able to achieve its desired … Read more

IETT ART 11 Grade Visit to see Asterios Toris Exhibition

Art 11 visited the I.E.T.T. gallery to see the abstract expressionistic paintings of German-born Greek Asterios Toris and his, 'You Paint Phenomena' exhibition. The students were once again fortunate to have the artist on hand to share, discuss and question on the topic of arts and music. Toris is both a musician and painter; therefore, the conc… Read more

The ISA MUN Team wins 2 Best-Delegate awards!

Congratulations to the ISA MUN Team for their participation in the Pierce 1st MUN Conference! Our School represented India and Brazil. Well done to our students Anya Day, Nansy Samaka, Mariana Almaliotis, Angelos Zoumis. Kudos to Anna Rigopoulou and Nikolas Xydias for winning the Best Delegate Award in their committees! … Read more

Revealing Substance Abuse Secrets: Facts, Myths and how Parenting Matters

The Center for Counseling and Learning Services of ISA organized an event that aimed at sensitizing both parents and students about substance use. This effort aimed to support parents in helping their children successfully face the numerous challenges of growing up. For this reason, on Thursday, March 16, ISA hosted two workshops for the student… Read more

IETT ART 11 Grade Visit

Art 11 students visited the I.E.T.T gallery to see how natural light and artificial light serves to exhibiting art works. We were lucky to have also gotten the chance to meet and discuss artistic processes with the artist herself, Tina Vasilopoulou. Her paintings are of nature, blossoms and close-ups, 'OASIS' (2017). … Read more