World Teacher's Day

This year, ISA's celebration of World Teacher's Day was a truly special occasion. On Thursday October 5th, teachers and students gathered in the Theatre to present their own "act" in the show. Some students presented a short home-made documentary on the "ideal teacher", others rapped a song that they had written for the day, and a group of seniors read out the completed slips that had been circulating around the school over the past two weeks "Hi teacher, could you please..." with some interesting -to say the least- responses from students! In response, teachers came on stage for a surprise performance of a song written by the librarian, which they rehearsed -discreetly- and which culminated in the chorus of the song "We're only human after all". Everyone sang along to this part!
At the end the students suprised their teachers by offering a pot with a flower labeled "Teacher. Thank you for helping me grow."