ISA Summer Programme

Since 1989, ISA has offered a summer day camp to children ages 6 to 16 years old who wish to learn English in an English speaking environment.

The main focus of our programme is for children to improve their English through fun activities and is designed to build confidence through clear and intensive classroom teaching in small groups. These groups are led by caring, experienced instructors, ensuring individualized attention for each child as well as maximum enjoyment, challenge and learning for all.

ISA’s Summer Programme provides English lessons at all levels and an exciting and fun adventure though every day recreation activities.

Our activities include sports, swimming, use of the computer lab, art, drama and games, as well as frequent excursions. Drawing on the recreational, athletic and natural resources of the area, typical trips may include visits to the Zoo, the beach Adventure Park and Water Park.

Our courses have evolved over the years to provide children with an unforgettable summer experience, balancing learning with leisure and gaining the acquisition of language skills.

The ISA Summer Programme will run from June 19th to July 21st and is designed for both English and Non-English speakers. The students are placed according to age level.


This Year’s theme is “Time Travelers – Meet famous people from the past”

An enthusiastic group of teachers have created an enriching programme to facilitate the students in building their knowledge of the English language as well as their confidence in speaking, writing, listening and reading.

The weekly schedule includes Language Arts, Computers, Drama, Gross Motor Activities, Arts and Crafts. The athletics department is responsible for organizing group sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis etc. 

The students will have the opportunity to participate in a swimming activity once a week at the Politia swimming pool.  The schedule allows also for a weekly beach trip to Schinias Beach.


Fridays will be special days, i.e. beginning and ending in Water Games on the campus. For the second week and third week, the children will go on an all-day field trip to OAKA. There they will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as Beach Volley and Wall Climbing etc. On the third Friday of the programme, the students will visit Adventure Park. This is a recreational area in the forest where activities associated with nature are organized. 

For more information, please feel free to contact me by phone 210-620-5001 and via email or Eleni Haniotakis on 210-623-3888 and via email


Helga Barry
Summer Programme Coordinator