Daily Bulletin



Monday, May 21st, 2018


Calendar events for May



Melina’s 3

Monday, May 28th – Pentecost – No classes


Melina’s 4

Monday, May 28th Pentecost – no classes

Tuesday, May 29th Portfolio Conferences – Ms. Bridget’s class

Wednesday, May 30th Portfolio Conferences – Ms. Andria’s class

Thursday, May 31st Portfolio Conferences – Ms. Marianna’s class

Saturday, June 2nd Swimming Gala at OAKA

Saturday, June 9th End-of-Year Show for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Wednesday, June 13th Kindergarten Graduation

Monday, June 18th Summer School Begins



Primary School

May 24th –The Parents and Guardians of our grade 1 students are invited to view their plays based on Fairytales

Time: 14:15 pm Place: ISA Theatre

May 31st – The Parents and Guardians of our grade 3 students are invited to view their plays based on their unit on Heroes

Time: 14:00 pm Place: ISA Theatre

June 7th – The Parents and Guardians of our grade 4 and 5 students are invited to view their plays base on Shakespeare and Life Stories

Time: 14:00 pm Place: ISA Theatre

Grade 6 students will be sharing their trailers on the 5th of June during their Graduation Ceremony.




1. Save Wednesday, 30 May for Joint Presentation Night, a special musical event, when MYP students present an Evening of Music!

Grade 7 students, aiming to face and overcome challenges as music bands, will briefly refer to their project and then perform well-known rock and pop songs, such as Believer and Seven Nation Army.

Grade 10 students will show a PowerPoint presentation on Indonesian Gamelan and will then demonstrate with a gamelan (percussion orchestra) composition of their own, called "Te-te Tahi" ("All by Ourselves.").

Your presence will be highly appreciated! The show starts at 18:00 at ISA Theatre. Dr. A. Kounadi and Dr. M. Biondi

2. After a successful end-of-year art show students in grades 7-10 may pick up their art works from the art room. If they have not been collected by June 18, they will be recycled. Thank you, Ms. M Voulgaris

3. The Drama Department would like to invite you to this year's MYP Drama Show. Grades 8, 9 and 10 will be presenting their work for your entertainment.

8th Grade has been working on the Unit of "Family Drama" where in small groups, they chose a theme from that genre, brainstormed an idea and wrote their own short play. They were in charge of everything from inception to conception to presentation.

9th Grade has been working on their Elizabethan Era Unit and will perform monologues from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello with a contemporary twist. The goal of this unit is to stop being afraid of Shakespearean language

10th Grade will be performing monologues they wrote themselves that address "teenage issues and problems".

We hope to see you all there at the ISA Theatre at 18:00 on Wednesday, 23 May. A. Burk

4. gr. 11 students are reminded that they will be required to attend supplementary classes after their final exams. These are mandatory. The science teachers will inform you regarding their schedule for Thursday June 14th and Friday June 15th. Ms. Pateras will provide you with the schedule for the week of June 18-22. CP students should ask their teachers if and when their presence is required.

5. Our school is organizing an educational / beach trip to Sounio-Kakia Thalassa which will take place on Thursday, May 24tH for grades 7-11. The buses will be leaving the school at 8:45a.m. and will be returning to the school at approximately 3:30 p.m. The total cost of the trip is 15 euros.

Since this educational trip is part of the MYP/DP program, student presence is mandatory. Students need to wear comfortable shoes, a hat and a swimsuit (optional). Students should bring a bottle of water, packed lunch or money to buy lunch at a beach bar/ canteen.

Parents should sign the permission slip and return it to the school along with the 15 euro fee in an envelope by Tuesday, May 15th

Grade 7 to Ms. Georgakopoulou

Grade 8 to Mr. Papatassos

Grade 9 and 10 to Ms. Bowen

Grade 11 to Ms. Karaoulani



Morning Break 10:10 – 10:30 Mr. Panagopoulos

HS / MS Break 1:30 – 2:15 Mr. Bregiannis