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Monday, September 24th, 2018

Calendar events for September

Melina’s 3

Melina’s 4

Primary School

Middle and High School

  1. 10th and 11th grade students- If you are thinking of studying at a U.S University then you may need to take the SAT exam, as it may be an admission requirement. The SAT is a test, which includes measures of critical reading, writing and math. Please see Ms Pateras for more information about the exams and also to inform her if you are interested in an SAT preparation course for this exam.
  2. The students of the German classes (MYP, IB-DP 11th Grade and IB-DP 12th Grade) will go to the theatre “Carolos Koon” and attend the play “EUREXIT” on September the 28th. It is a German play about the crisis of “Democracy” in Europe, inspired by the tragedy of Aeschylus: “Agamemnon”. The event is supported by the “Goethe Institut in Athens” and the entrance for the students is free. The buses will be leaving the school premises at 9:25 a.m. and will be returning to the school at approximately 2:30 p.m. The students will be accompanied by their German teachers. This is an educational trip and part of the MYP/DP program, therefore the students’ presence is mandatory. Thank you. Ms Voultsiadou and Mr Koutsandreou
  3. Grade 12 students who are taking IB courses or IB Diploma, please bring Ms Pateras the consent form you have been sent and the photocopy of your formal ID.
  4. SERVICE AS ACTION ACTIVITY:  On Thursday September 27th all grade 10 students and grade 12 CAS Students will participate in a clean-up activity of the Schinias Natural Reserve area where they will record their findings as part of a local schools environmental collaboration. This activity will be under the auspices of HELMEPA and National Geographic Society. Thank you, Ms. Kefallinou, Service as Action Coordinator and Ms Sintou CAS Advisor.
  5. A field trip to the Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE) oil refinery in Aspropyrgos will take place on Τhursday, October 11 for students in grades 9 & 10, followed by a guided tour of the Elefsina archeological site and museum. All students are required to attend. The cost to each student is 4 euros to cover the professional guide for the Elefsina archeological site. Students should give this money to Ms. Bowen in the Science department by October 4. The visits to the refinery and to the Elefsina site are free. The science and greek teachers.
  6. A field trip to Parnitha has been organized for the 11th and 12 grades on Oct., 5. We will travel by bus and cable-car and we will visit the Flambouri lodge. A number of activities will take place that are relevant to the specific science courses each student attends. Therefor, your presence is considered mandatory. The fee for the guided tour around Flambouri is 6 EUROS and should be given to the science lab technician, Ms. Bowen, by September 25. The science teachers.
  7. A field trip to the Vravrona wetland has been organized for October, 30 in the context of the Sciences and Service as Action for students in Grades 9 and 10. Therefor all students are expected to attend. A guided tour and bird-watching activity will be conducted by members of the Greek Ornithological Society, followed by a clean-up of the conserved area by the students. The cost of this activity is 3 euros, which must be given to Ms. Bowen in the Science department no later than October 22. The Science teachers and the MYP Service as Action Coordinator, Mrs. Kefallinou.
  8. Visual Arts 11 and 12 will be visiting the Museum of Cycladic art to see New York-based artist Paul Chan exhibition - Odysseus and the Bathers. He presents a body of new and recent works, which he calls “breathers” and “bathers”. As well as, George Condo whose works document the absurdities of contemporary daily life: the banker, the priest, and our own twentieth and twenty-first-century middle class. Thursday, September 27, 2018. Students will leave period 2 (9.30am) and return by 2pm. Students are expected to bring in 3 euros for the guided tours; a snack, Process Journals and pencil case. 
  9. We are pleased to announce that for the 22nd consecutive year, Anatolia College has invited our school to attend the Aegean Sports Tournament in Thessaloniki. The tournament is open to all the students from 7th -11th grade, and the trip will take place from Thursday November 29th to Sunday December 2nd. If you need more details please come and see us at the PHE Department. A detailed letter will be send to all the parents.
  10. CAS NEWS:  On Thursday Sept. 27th and Friday Sept. 28th the FIRST CAS INTERVIEWS wll take place for the DP1 students. The students will be assigned  the day and time of the interview. I kindly ask all the teachers to allow them to miss their lesson. The interviews will take place at the back room in the library. The students will receive an e-mail with their time/date.  Teachers will be informed as well... Thank you in advance,Ms. Piriohos-CAS Coordinator


  1. A wallet was found during the first break on Wednesday. Please come to Ms Adamopoulou’s office if it belongs to you
  2. The Used textbook sale is now completed. If you have not been contacted by Ms. Haniotakis about your used books, then they have not been sold and you are asked to come and collect them. If you do not collect them by the end of this week, they will be donated to institutions. Ms. Grammatikou
  3. Service as Action Activity: All students are encouraged to take part in the following Service as Action project: collect as many aluminium or tin cans as you can, and put them in the TIN CAN RECYCLING BOX outside room 109 or outside the Art room. Some of you will go to the Recycling Aluminium Center in Maroussi on Friday November 2nd periods 2-4 (9.25-12.00 am) for a short presentation on the recycling methods. Therefore, the only thing you have to do is... recycle! Send me an email indicating that you want to participate in this activity and organize the whole procedure by either informing your classmates or making a presentation during an assembly about the benefits of recycling cans etc. and be one of the organizers of this project! Thank you, Ms. Kefallinou, Service as Action Coordinator
  4. For students who play a musical instrument or have knowledge in singing or music theory: the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) is a worldwide music institution that certifies your knowledge in a musical instrument, music theory or singing. Through its graded examinations, it provides you with UCAS points that may support your application to colleges and universities in the United Kingdom about any field of study (Finance, Medicine, Law, etc.). If you are interested in receiving more information about this system and how it can help you have your music studies validated, please contact Dr Kounadi on her e-mail or meet her at the Music Room during the morning break on Tuesdays-Wednesdays.
  5. Unplugged music at school! if you wish to perform music for your friends during school breaks, please contact Dr Kounadi on her e-mail or meet her during morning breaks at the Music Room on Tuesdays-Wednesdays.



Morning Break 10.10 – 10.30 Ms. Georgakopoulou and Mr. Panagopoulos

MS – HS Lunch 13.30 – 14.15 Mr. Tsatis and Mr. Burk