Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Sep 22, 2018 | Teacher: Antonia Sakka <>

D' CLASS - HOMEWORK ASSIGNED ON 22/9/2018 FOR 29/9/2018

Teacher: Antonia Sakka



Hello Everybody,


Welcome to D Class!!!!


This is your HW for Next week:

1. COMPANION - Study the words 1.1 - 1.73 on pages 5, 6, 7 for a Dictation.  I will be telling you 20 words out of the 73 and you would have to write them down together with a meaning or an explanation or a synonum or using them in a sentence

2. Do the following writing activity:

"Imagine that you are your great grand mother or great grand father. Write a diary page describing a day in thier life"

3. WORKBOOK - Do all the exercises on pages 4 - 5