Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Dec 8, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

There is There Are There isn't There Aren't

Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 46-51

Workbook pages 34-37


Grammar Book pages 24-27

Reading:  Student's Book page 50 the orange box. 

Study for Unit 3 TEST (This, That, These, Those, What's this? What's that?, What are these? What are those?)

Words on the test:  bird, dog, rabbit, fish, cat, penguin, animals, giraffe, sea, octopus


Dec 2, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

What's this? / What's that?


Test Unit 2 (please sign and return test)

Student's Book pages 44-45

Workbook pages 32-33


Grammar book pages 22-23

Companion pages 18-19

Copy 3 times / dictation:  dolphin, fish, lion, zebra, sea

REVIEW:  Students read and learn Companion page 12 I am, I'm etc...

Companion page 15 Am I? Are you? etc..

Another Grammar review that might be helpful can be found on page 138 of the Student's Book (Grammar Reference Unit 1 and Unit 2)

Have a great week!

Nov 25, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

This- That / These Those

Work Done in Class

Student Book pages:  40-41-42-43

Workbook pages:  28-29-30-31

Grammar Book pages:  18-19-20-21


Prepare / Study for Unit 2 Test

The test will have the following words:  student, chair, clock, homework, board, teacher, school bag, desk, lesson

Students need to know:  singular to plural (example:  1 boy, 3 boys)


Grammar:  the verb TO BE: affirmative, negative, question form. For example:  He is, He isn't, Is he? You are, You aren't, Are you? etc...

Reading:  Student book page 42 exercise 2

Have a great week!

Nov 17, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>



We are reviewing Units 1 and 2!

Student Book pages 34-37

Workbook pages 26-27

Companion page 13 and page 16


Reading page 30 exercise 2 (the blue box)

Copy three times:  funny, old, short, tall, young

Dictation:  funny, old, short, tall, young

Grammar Book:  page 16 and page 17

Nov 10, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work Done in Class:

Test Unit 1 My Family

Student's Book pages 32-33

Workbook pages 24-25


Parents please sign and return Unit 1 Test

Grammar Book pages 14-15

Reading: Student's Book Page 32 Exercise 2

Copy three times:  book, paper, pen, pencil, school bag

Dictation:  book, paper, pen, pencil, school bag



Nov 3, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

The Verb To Be - Negative

Work Done In Class

Student's Book Pages 30 - 31

Workbook Pages 22-23


Grammar Book page 12 and page 13

Copy three times:  chair, desk, clock, map

Dictation:  chair, desk, clock, map

Saturday 10th November Test on Unit 1 (students will be tested on A/An, the verb to be in positive form, and vocabulary words).

Have a great week! 


Oct 27, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work done in Class

Student's Book pages 28-29

Workbook pages 21-21


Grammar Book:  page 10 exercises 2-3 and page 11 exercise 4

Copy three times:  classroom, student, teacher, an ant, three ants

Dictation:  classroom, student, teacher, an ant, three ants

Oct 20, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

The Verb To Be

Work Done In Class

Student Book:  page 22, page 24, page 25 exercises 4,5,6

Workbook:  page 15 exercise 5, page 16, page 17, page 18, page 19


Grammar book:  pages 6,7,8, and 9

Copy three times:  baby, brother, grandma, grandpa

Learn for dictation: baby, brother, grandma, grandpa

Finish Student's Book page 25 exercise 6

Oct 13, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

A or An / I am, You are, He is, She is, It is

Work done in class:

Student's Book pages 20 and 21

Student's book page 23 exercise 4 and exercise 5 only

Workbook page 10 exercise 20, page 11 exercise 2, page 12 all, page 13 exercise 3 only, page 14 exercise 1 and page 15 exercise 3.


Workbook page 15 exercise 4

Grammar book page 4 exercise 2 and exercise 3




Oct 6, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 8-12 and pages 14-15

Workbook pages 4-8 and page 10 Exercise 19 ONLY, page 11 Exercise 1 ONLY


Students learn to read the words from the letters Mm-Zz (pages 8-12 in student's book)



Sep 24, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Welcome to Junior A 

Let's make this a great year!!

Students will need the following:

1 Yellow notebook for dictation

1 Red notebook for copy and classwork

They should ALWAYS have all their books, a pencil, an eraser, and colored pencils.


Work Done 22-9-2018

Student's Book pages 4-7 (letters Aa - Ll)

Homework for 29-9-2018

Workbook pages 4 and 5 Exercises 1,2,3,4,5

Learn to read the words:  ant, boy, camel, duck, egg, frog, girl, insect, jug, king, lemon