Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Oct 15, 2018 | Teacher: Maria Voulgaris <>

October 13, 2018

Students were with Ms Eleni Agaitsi for the day.


homework and grammar rules (relative clauses and vocabulary)


Unit 1 Test (review unit 1 vocabulary and grammar)

Student's Book: p. 12 / ex. 2 (Reading) and p. 13/ ex. C (writing)

Workbook: p.9 and p. 10/ ex. 2+3 and project 1: p. 90/ ex. 3, 4, 6

Grammar: p. 19/ ex. 5+6

Oct 6, 2018 | Teacher: Maria Voulgaris <>

October 6, 2018

Reminder: students should have bought an English/Greek/English dictionary

I will be away October 13. Students will go to the UM with Ms Eleni,



Companion: vocabulary review Unit 1

Student: pgs 6-9 reading and vocabulary

Grammar: present simple and continuous; relative clauses



Companion: review Unit vocabulary and especially the SOS terms

Student: pg 10 #3 (reading)

Grammar: pg 13 #9 (writing)

Workbook: pgs 7 (all),9 #4-5 (grammar review) and pg 11 #4-5 (writing)

** missing writing assignments. Annaliza and Spyros T. (paragraph on someone you know)




Sep 22, 2018 | Teacher: Maria Voulgaris <>

September 22, 2018

Welcome Class C'


Materials: Great Wonders 3 (Student, Workbook, Grammar and Companion); notebook; pencil case (pencils, pens in different colors, eraser, sharpener, highlighter); Greek/English/Greek dictionary

Covered: introduction to the course; tour of the school; grammar review and quiz; writing sample (questions and answers in partners); reading exercise.


Grammar: pages 4-9

Student: preview Unit 1 (pgs 6-13)

Companion: highlight unfamiliar/spelling and interesting vocabulary from Unit 1 (pgs 7-13)

Writing: write facts about someone else at home - (50+ words/one full paragraph)