Career Day

ISA strives to provide students with meaningful educational experiences and to motivate them to set challenging goals by increasing their awareness of the career opportunities available to them.  To further promote this, ISA organized a very successful Career Day for students from grades 9 to 11, on its main campus, on Tuesday, March 27th 2018. The organization of the Career Day is an additional component of the comprehensive career guidance process that is currently implemented in our school, which includes Career Testing and Career Counseling as well as a structured and highly effective University Placement program.

In the first part of the day, the educational advisors from the Fulbright Foundation and the British Council held presentations for the students regarding studying in USA and UK. During the second part, students had the opportunity to meet, in small groups, with professionals from various fields to discuss about their educational background, their professional experiences and their insights in regards to the international market and job opportunities.

We received much positive feedback after the event, as students shared with their peers, teachers, and parents their new or newly reinforced ideas regarding their career choices.

The ISA Center for Counseling and Learning Services and the students, would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all those people who volunteered their time in order to share their career expertise with us, making this event  a very rewarding experience for all.