Grade 11 Olympia trip

The ISA 11th grade participated in the IB / CP Retreat which took place in the area of Ancient Olympia between October 6-19, 2019. The students were accompanied by our teachers: Ms. Pateras, Ms. Apostolidi, Mr Papatheocharis and Mr Molfetas. Our students engaged in meaningful and experiential activities in the area. The trip included visits to the Center for Care of Children and adults with disabilities in Lehaina, as well as the Home for the Elderly in Pyrgos. Our students packed and delivered the items that had been collected by the whole school, as well as the fresh food that we bought, and they also spent time with the residents. In addition, the students engaged in Science experiments at Lake Kaiafa, visited the museum of Ancient Olympia and the archaeological site, did Art activities, and participated ion TOK and Academic Honesty sessions. An addition to the trip this year was that we planned a guided Hike in the unique Foloi oak forest and the Nemouta waterfalls. The students also offered monetary donations to the Botanical garden. The trip was conducted in collaboration with ACS students, in line with the IB philosophy, which values collaboration among schools.