ISA After School Drama Club

The ISA After School Drama Club is proud to present it’s latest production. This year we’ve taken on Play On! by Rick Abbot.

Play On! is about a small community group of actors staging a new play, Murder Most Foul, for the first time. The director is valiantly attempting to get the production ready for opening night. However, with opening night a mere four days away, the author decides to re-write the play, changing the actors’ lines and, worse still, adding a new character.

The cast of Murder Most Foul are having problems enough learning the original script, let alone learning any new lines and suddenly having to incorporate a new character. Even with the help of the stage manager/prompter and the sound and lighting technician, it seems as though the production is doomed! Anyone who has been involved in rehearsing a play will identify very strongly with the maxim “If anything can go wrong – it will.” Those who know little about the theatre will be enlightened and amused.

​So if you are up for an evening of light-hearted merriment come to the ISA Theatre this Friday and Saturday 30th and 31st of March at 7:00 pm. Entrance is free so come early to get your seat!