Lecture on Managing Stress and Building Resilience




On Wednesday, February 24th, the ISA Center for Counseling and Learning Services organized a series of three online lectures on “Managing Stress and Building Resilience” in Early Childhood, Childhood and Adolescence, for the Melina’s, Primary and Middle & High School parents respectively.

Stress can be present in any setting that requires the child to adapt or change. Stress may be caused by positive changes but it is most commonly linked with negative changes, such as the pandemic we are currently experiencing. The aim of the lectures was to inform parents of how children and adolescents experience stress, vulnerability factors as well as the ways parents can support them through stressful times and help them build resilience.

The lecture was presented by Ms. Maria Protopapa (Deputy Director/ Counselling Psychologist/ Head of the Centre for Counselling and Learning Services), Ms. Faye Pattakou ( Learning Centre Coordinator/Special Educator), Ms. Alexandra Petroutsou (Psychologist/Special Educator), Ms. Xenia Tokatlidou (Primary School Psychologist) and Ms. Stella Metheniti (Early Years Psychologist)

A large number of parents and faculty members attended the lectures and participated enthusiastically in the discussions that followed, sharing their thoughts, questions and concerns.

We want to thank the ISA Community for embracing this initiative and we are looking forward to organizing our next one.

The members of the ISA Center for Counseling and Learning Services

@photo by www.schoolbag.edu.sg