Lecture on Rational Positive Parenting

The parenting role is an experience that brings unique satisfaction but, at the same time, presents the parents with a substantial challenge. Throughout childhood and adolescence, parents are required to help the young individual to successfully adjust to numerous developmental challenges and face a variety of issues in order to grow into a healthy, independent and well-balanced adult.
Taking into consideration the need to support the parents in this effort, the Center for Counseling and Learning Services of ISA is organizing a lecture on:

Rational, Positive Parenting: Dealing and Managing Difficult Emotions
The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Chrysoula Kostogiannis, Clinical & School Psychologist.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday, November 28th, 18:30 – 20:30, in the ISA Theater and it is open to the community. We would, therefore, like to encourage you to extend this invitation to any parent, who wishes to attend.

We hope that you find this initiative useful and helpful to your work towards effective parenting and promoting your child’s well-being and we look forward to welcoming you to our event.