MUN Conference!

Our School’s MUN Club strongly represented us in yet another MUN conference, the Campion School MUN Conference.

On Saturday October 14th and Sunday October 15th, twenty-seven students from the MYP and DP escorted by Ms. G. Grammatikou, were delegates at CSMUN representing France, Cyprus and Egypt exploring the issue of Youth Participation in international developments.

We had our “veteran MUNers” but also many newcomers, who, after hard work in research and help from ISA mentors managed to learn about world issues through dialogue, negotiation, respect for different perspectives and the democratic processes.

We also led proceedings through our Student Officers (Alex Panaretos, WHO) and advocates in the International Court of Justice (Ioannis Grimanelis)

A reflection of our students’ work ethic and level of involvement in their committees was the Awards they received. 6 in total!

Also, many of them were submitters and co-submitters in the final resolutions debated. This has special significance, as ISA MUNers write their resolutions themselves..

Congratulations to all delegates for their hard work and successes.

Congratulations to students winning awards: Irini Livanou, Spilios Maderakis, Ioannis Grimanelis, Su Yurou (Athena), Zhu Qiuyuan (Mike), Lydia Koropouli.

Thank you student mentors, and alumni Dimitris Kottoros, for helping newcomers prepare.

On behalf of all your teachers and the ISA Steering Committee, “MUN students we thank you and are proud!”