Prolepsis presentation Primary

In our endeavors to promote healthy eating habits among our students and cultivate a sense of solidarity, we have decided to support the Nutrition and Healthy Eating Programme, DIATROFI. The Programme has been implemented by the Institute of Preventive, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, PROLEPSIS.

DIATROFI contributes to the relief of thousands of families facing nutritional deficits, having donated more than 14.800.000 free healthy meals to around 102.000 students since 2012. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and is implemented through the founding contribution of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN) as well as the support of many commercial companies, institutions and fellow human beings.

From organization DIATROFI came to school Mrs. Christina Kastorini to discuss the program with students from grades 3-6 and make connections, in cooperation with Mrs. Marina Kapsampeli, to specific units we teach in each grade on Healthy Eating Habits.