School temporarily closed

Dear Parents and Students,

Due to the fact that three of our school community members have been tested positive for covid-19, it has been decided by the Ministry of Education and EODY that the whole school (Primary, Middle and High School) will be closed until Monday, October 19th. Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 20th.

In view of the unforeseen circumstances, the school has taken measures so that the learning process continues smoothly for all students through Microsoft TEAMS. More specifically:

  • Students have already been invited from each of their teachers to join a Team. There exists one Team for each subject.

The Team will take the form of an online class. This means that all students will have to log in Teams, every day in order to receive invitations from their subject teacher to join the class. The student’s daily schedule will be followed.

  • Students will get regular work for the subjects they have. The work assigned will be posted on TEAMS, by each teacher and for each Team. Students are expected to complete the assignment by the deadline set by the teacher and turn it in on the platform, in order to be corrected.
  • Corrected assignments will be returned using the platform or by email.
  • Students need to be mindful of deadlines, since assignments will be marked and count towards their grade.
  • Students need to be prepared with all their school materials and make sure they are seated at a desk, in a quiet room, which prevents distractions.
  • Students need to have their cameras on to participate in these meetings.
  • Overall, students are expected to continue working consistently from home and provide evidence of this work through completion of the assignments set by the teachers.


  • Students who forgot their password must contact the school ( ) through their parents’ email in order to receive new codes from the IT Department.
  • Students are expected to use the TEAMS platform respectfully, responsibly and safely.
  • In the attachment you can find, as a reminder, instructions on how to use Teams.


We are all at your disposal to address any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,


Dr. Spiros Molfetas Ms. Maria Protopapa

Director Deputy Director