Daily Bulletin



Friday, April 19th, 2019

Calendar events for April

Melina’s 3

  1. April 22nd – Easter Egg Hunt
  2. April 23rd – Last day of classes before Spring Break


Melina’s 4

  1. Monday, April 22nd Egg Hunt
  2. Tuesday, April 23rd Last day of classes before Spring Break


Primary School


Middle School and High School

  1. Sports News: WE are pleased to announce that the Soccer Lunchtime Intramurals will begin the week of April 15th for all MYP and DP/CP students. What do you have to do:
  • Make up a team of 5 players
  • Come up with a team name
  • Sign-up with our two students : Michael Fronista and Anthony Pandazi
  • Pay 3euros per team
  • The schedule of the games will be posted outside the PHE office

Money raised will go to Prolepsis Organization. If you have any questions please come and see us at the      PHE Dpt. Thank you in advance PHE DPT

  1. Grade 10 students are reminded that if they need help in the Subject selections for grade 11 to see Ms Pateras. The form is due Monday May 6th and should be given to Ms Pateras.
  2. There will be an extended assembly on Monday, May 6th for the MYP students. Teachers of 1st period are kindly requested to excuse the students for the delay.


  1. On Friday, April 19th, the 11th Grade students are organizing a TAGS day for fundraising purposes. Tickets will be sold for 1euro on Wednesday and Thursday and 1,50 at the door on Friday.


  1. Reminder for students interested in taking the ABRSM Music Theory Exam of Saturday 22nd June 2019: the deadline for applying is on Friday 19th April 2019. You can visit abrsm.org for details on fees. Our school will now be the examination centre for Athens candidates. For more information, please contact Dr Kounadi via e-mail. Next exam in Music Theory is Saturday 2nd November 2019 (applications deadline: 16th September 2019).


  1. Congratulations to all gr 11 and gr 12 students whose hard work and commitment to their academic pursuits has lead them to be placed on the school's 2nd term Academic Honor roll and Effort Honor Roll. We look forward to adding even more students to these lists Ms. Pateras
  2. The ISA All School Art Show is approaching - keep an eye out for the posters! Again we will exhibiting all art works from Melina's schools, the Primary school, the Middle school and DP classes. We are proudly having our show at The Mall (Marousi), Saturday, May 11th and we are asking for 6-8 volunteers for Monday, May 6th (all day) to assist in setting up the art space. We will also need 6-8 volunteers to help Monday, May 15 (all day) to tear down the exhibition. Please see Ms Voulgaris for permission. Thank you in advance.







Morning Break 10:10- 10:30 Ms Antoniou and Ms Papatassos

MS – HS Lunch 13:30 – 14:15 Msr Vradis and Mr Molfetas