Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Feb 23, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

Review and Plural (Irregulars)

Work Done In Class

Student Book pages 94-95 and 108-109

Workbook Pages 68-69 and 76-77

Grammar Book pages 58-59 exercises 1,2,3,4 ONLY


Study for Unit 8 Test (words on the test: football, tennis, run, hockey, baseball, standing, running, thinking, kicking) (grammar on test:  present continuous positive/affirmative and short answers)

Grammar book page 59 exercise 5

Grammar book page 66 study plurals (the grey box, students can use their red notebooks as well)

Grammar book page 67 exercise 2,3, and 4

Read Student's Book page 108 exercise 2

copy 3 times/dictation:  baby, babies, foot, feet, tooth, teeth

Have a great week!!!

Feb 16, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

Present Continuous (question and short answers)

Work Done In Class

Test Unit 7 (please sign and return)

Review Worksheets on Present Continuous

Student Book pages 92-93

Workbook pages 66-67


Student Book page 92 read exercise 2 the orange box

Grammar book learn/read grey box on page 56

Grammar book do exercises 2-3-4 on pages 56 and 57

Copy 3 times/dictation:  throw, match, team, watch, win, and lose

Feb 9, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

Present Continuous (Affirmative and Negative)

Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 88, 89, 90, 91

Workbook pages 62, 63, 64, 65

Grammar book pages 52-53


Prepare for Unit 7 Test (words on the test: cook, read, swim, dance, paint, sing, ride, speak) (Grammar on the test: Can/Can't)

Grammar book pages 54- 55

Students should review the grey grammar box in the grammar book page 52 (Present Continuous Affirmative) and the grey grammar box in the grammar book page 54 (Present Continuous Negative)

copy 3 times/dictation:  catch, hit, kick, run, jump

Feb 2, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

CAN (affirmative/negative/question)


Student book pages 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 (exercise 4 and 5 ONLY)

Workbook pages 56, 57, 58, 59

Grammar book pages 46, 47 ex. 3 only, 48, 49



Grammar book page 49 exercise 4

Grammar book page 50 exercise 2-3 and page 51 exercise 4

Read from Student's book page 84 exercise 2 the pink box

Copy 3 times/dictation:  cook, swim, read, sing, and dance


Jan 26, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

HAVE GOT Question

Work done in class

Student book page 64 -65 exercises 1-2-3-4 (Have you got? ONLY)

Student Book page 74 (Review) exercises 1-2-4

Student Book page 75 (Review) exercise 6

Review Worksheets on have got and haven't got

Workbook page 46 exercises 1-2

Workbook page 47 exercise 4

Workbook page 55 exercises 3-4


Grammar book page 36 read and learn exercise 1 Have got questions (students can also use their work in the red notebook)

Grammar book page 36 do exercise 2

Grammar book page 37 do exercise 3

Grammar book page 44 Review do exercises 1-2-3

Jan 19, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work Done In Class

Student Book pages 62- 63

Workbook pages 44-45

Exercise Sheets on Have got affirmative


Read Student's Book page 62 the purple box

Learn haven't got:  Students can use red notebook or Grammar book page 34 the grey box

Do Grammar book page 34 exercise 2 - page 35 exercise 3 and 4

Copy 3 times/dictation:  eyes, nose, mouth, hair, ears



Jan 12, 2019 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

Have got (affirmative)

Work Done In Class

Unit Test 4 (please sign and return)

Student's Book Pages 60 and 61

Workbook pages 42 and 43


Learn the verb have got (students have worked in the red notebook in class, you can use the red notebook to explain the short form or use the grey box on page 32 of the Grammar book)

copy 3 times/dictation:  head, hand, leg, foot, feet

Grammar book pages 32-33

Read Student's book page 60 Exercise 2 the orange box

Have a wonderful week!

Dec 22, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

Review Unit 4

Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 54-55

Workbook pages 40-41

Grammar Book pages 30 - 31


Study for Unit 4 Test

Words on the test:  toy, garden, car, bed, teddy bear, car, bathroom, ball computer, TV, game

learn the numbers 11-20 (eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen...)

Learn:  There is / There are

Learn:  A, An, the

Happy Holidays!


Dec 15, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

A, An, The

Work Done In Class

Test Unit 3 (parents please sign and return)

Student's Book pages 52-53

Workbook pages 38-39


Reading:  Student's Book page 52 exercise 2. Students must read the yellow box at least 3 times

Copy 3 times/dictation:  bed, computer, toy, ball, birthday, doll

Grammar Book pages 28-29

Dec 8, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

There is There Are There isn't There Aren't

Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 46-51

Workbook pages 34-37


Grammar Book pages 24-27

Reading:  Student's Book page 50 the orange box. 

Study for Unit 3 TEST (This, That, These, Those, What's this? What's that?, What are these? What are those?)

Words on the test:  bird, dog, rabbit, fish, cat, penguin, animals, giraffe, sea, octopus


Dec 2, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

What's this? / What's that?


Test Unit 2 (please sign and return test)

Student's Book pages 44-45

Workbook pages 32-33


Grammar book pages 22-23

Companion pages 18-19

Copy 3 times / dictation:  dolphin, fish, lion, zebra, sea

REVIEW:  Students read and learn Companion page 12 I am, I'm etc...

Companion page 15 Am I? Are you? etc..

Another Grammar review that might be helpful can be found on page 138 of the Student's Book (Grammar Reference Unit 1 and Unit 2)

Have a great week!

Nov 25, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

This- That / These Those

Work Done in Class

Student Book pages:  40-41-42-43

Workbook pages:  28-29-30-31

Grammar Book pages:  18-19-20-21


Prepare / Study for Unit 2 Test

The test will have the following words:  student, chair, clock, homework, board, teacher, school bag, desk, lesson

Students need to know:  singular to plural (example:  1 boy, 3 boys)


Grammar:  the verb TO BE: affirmative, negative, question form. For example:  He is, He isn't, Is he? You are, You aren't, Are you? etc...

Reading:  Student book page 42 exercise 2

Have a great week!

Nov 17, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>



We are reviewing Units 1 and 2!

Student Book pages 34-37

Workbook pages 26-27

Companion page 13 and page 16


Reading page 30 exercise 2 (the blue box)

Copy three times:  funny, old, short, tall, young

Dictation:  funny, old, short, tall, young

Grammar Book:  page 16 and page 17

Nov 10, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work Done in Class:

Test Unit 1 My Family

Student's Book pages 32-33

Workbook pages 24-25


Parents please sign and return Unit 1 Test

Grammar Book pages 14-15

Reading: Student's Book Page 32 Exercise 2

Copy three times:  book, paper, pen, pencil, school bag

Dictation:  book, paper, pen, pencil, school bag



Nov 3, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

The Verb To Be - Negative

Work Done In Class

Student's Book Pages 30 - 31

Workbook Pages 22-23


Grammar Book page 12 and page 13

Copy three times:  chair, desk, clock, map

Dictation:  chair, desk, clock, map

Saturday 10th November Test on Unit 1 (students will be tested on A/An, the verb to be in positive form, and vocabulary words).

Have a great week! 


Oct 27, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work done in Class

Student's Book pages 28-29

Workbook pages 21-21


Grammar Book:  page 10 exercises 2-3 and page 11 exercise 4

Copy three times:  classroom, student, teacher, an ant, three ants

Dictation:  classroom, student, teacher, an ant, three ants

Oct 20, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

The Verb To Be

Work Done In Class

Student Book:  page 22, page 24, page 25 exercises 4,5,6

Workbook:  page 15 exercise 5, page 16, page 17, page 18, page 19


Grammar book:  pages 6,7,8, and 9

Copy three times:  baby, brother, grandma, grandpa

Learn for dictation: baby, brother, grandma, grandpa

Finish Student's Book page 25 exercise 6

Oct 13, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>

A or An / I am, You are, He is, She is, It is

Work done in class:

Student's Book pages 20 and 21

Student's book page 23 exercise 4 and exercise 5 only

Workbook page 10 exercise 20, page 11 exercise 2, page 12 all, page 13 exercise 3 only, page 14 exercise 1 and page 15 exercise 3.


Workbook page 15 exercise 4

Grammar book page 4 exercise 2 and exercise 3




Oct 6, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Work Done In Class

Student's Book pages 8-12 and pages 14-15

Workbook pages 4-8 and page 10 Exercise 19 ONLY, page 11 Exercise 1 ONLY


Students learn to read the words from the letters Mm-Zz (pages 8-12 in student's book)



Sep 24, 2018 | Teacher: Kathy Petris <>


Welcome to Junior A 

Let's make this a great year!!

Students will need the following:

1 Yellow notebook for dictation

1 Red notebook for copy and classwork

They should ALWAYS have all their books, a pencil, an eraser, and colored pencils.


Work Done 22-9-2018

Student's Book pages 4-7 (letters Aa - Ll)

Homework for 29-9-2018

Workbook pages 4 and 5 Exercises 1,2,3,4,5

Learn to read the words:  ant, boy, camel, duck, egg, frog, girl, insect, jug, king, lemon