Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Mar 18, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 18th and homework for April 1st


2nd term test

reading: The Tiger & The Brahmin (Rabbit Ears Storybook Classics) 

listening: videos: How a Vortex Helps Dandelions Fly/NYT ScienceTake; The Science Behind a Frog’s Leap/NYT ScienceTake; Today I Learned How Chameleons Change Color (National Geographic video)

grammar: student’s book–p.105; English in Use–pp.102 and 105

speaking: technology, with pictures


English in Use–pp.107-110, ex.7; p.111, ex.10

student’s book–pp. 102,103,104,108, and 111, Exam Task



Moon 101 | National Geographic

1.(0:00)How many moons orbit the solar system’s planets?

2.(0:15)How long ago was the moon formed?

3.(0:21)How was the moon formed, according to one theory?

4.What was the moon’s surface like in the past?

5.(1:24)What is the South Pole-Aitken Basin?

6.(1:35)What do the words “rotate” and “revolve” mean?

7.What does the moon’s rotating at the same time that it revolves result in?

8.What happened on July 20, 1969?

Don't forget that next Saturday is a holiday, so we don't have class.  See you on the 1st of April!

Have a great weekend!


Bionic eyes. Electroceuticals. Robot nurses. What sounds like science fiction is really an explosion of tech-driven innovations with the potential to reshape many aspects of health and medicine. From artificial intelligence to personal genomics and robotics, this widening array of digital tools will almost certainly boost diagnosticians’ accuracy and speed, improving disease detection at early stages, and thus raise the odds of a successful treatment or cure. With many of these tools likely phone-based, in the future, a selfie might just save your life.

National Geographic Magazine - The Future of Medicine

Mar 11, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 11th and homework for March 18th


grammar: English in Use--pp.98-106; ESL Brains/How Bubble Gum Is Made (passive voice)

listening: student's book--p.94, p.100; Addams 'put in order'

writing: student's book--pp.110-111

vocabulary: test on unit 8 (oral)


study for second term test--units 5,6,7 and 8

Have a great weekend!

If a Robotic Hand Solves a Rubik's Cube, Does It Prove Something? - The New  York Times

Mar 4, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 4th and homework for March 11th


listening: student’s book–p.100 (video); The Addams Family–rest of episode

grammar: English in Use–pp.98-106; ESL Brains–passive voice (start)

unit 7 test

speaking: technology in groups with pictures of household appliances and car



student’s book–pp.98 and 99, p.91, exam task

Teens Talk About Family

1.How do some of these teens feel about their parents and siblings?

2.What kinds of problems do these kids have?

3.Do you share any of these feelings?

4.What are “pros and cons’?

5.How does the first girl feel about her parents?

6.What is the next speaker’s relationship with his parents like?

7.(0:24)Who does the next girl talk to when she has something on her mind?

8.Why does the next boy find it difficult to talk to his parents?

9.What does the girl with the long red hair think about her responsibility of taking care of her little one-year-old brother?

10.(1:05)What does this boy’s family mostly argue about?

11.(1:18)Do these two siblings get along well?

12.(1:40)Does this boy have any siblings?

13.He says that “being an only child has its pros and cons.”  What does he mean by that and what does he say are the pros and cons of such a situation?

14.(2:01)The next boy thinks the best thing about having a sister is that “he always has somebody to _______________ _______________ or _______________ _______________ _______________.”

15.What does the African American boy say about his sister?

16.(2:22)How does the girl with the long red hair feel about having an older sister?

17.How does the blonde boy react to his sister’s dancing in public?

18.What does the African American boy call his sister?

19.(3:05)How does this boy feel about being an only child?


NYC's Rockefeller Center opens Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace this weekend

Feb 25, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 25th and homework for March 4th


grammar: English in Use--p.96, Khan Academy videos on parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs), student's book--p.97

reading: "King Midas and the Golden Touch" (Rabbit Ears), student's book--pp.90 and 91 (Since you all seemed to enjoy this book, you might want to read others in this series.  If so, click on the following link-- will take you to a list of all the stories in the Rabbit Ears collection.  Then, once you think you've found a title you're interested in, go to Internet Archive-- enter the specific title in the search window. Most titles also include the audiobook and animated version. Enjoy!)

listening: workbook--pp.42 and 48

speaking: discussion of book, special and traditional relationships, with pictures


study for unit 7 test

workbook--pp.48 and 50

companion: pp.12,13,18,25,26,29,30,37,38,43,44,50,51,53,54,60,61,64,71,72,74,80,81,84,89,90 and 93!!!

Just watch the following video!



Chess Night at Freehold Chess Club! | Freehold, NJ Patch

Feb 19, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 18th and homework for February 25th


term test 1

grammar: English in Use–p.89, ex.8; p.90, exs.9 and 10; p.91; p.84, exs.8 and 9; student’s book–p.93, 168

writing: student’s book–p.87, exs.4,5 and 6

speaking: free-running, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and pictures–hobbies 

listening: second half of Addams (


companion-- pp.78 and 79

English in Use--pp.92,93,94,95 and 97 (NOT page 96!)

student's book--pp.92,96 and 87, Exam Task

workbook--pp.46,47 and 49

World's Largest Cave

Located in Vietnam, near the border with Laos, the largest cave in the world wasn't widely known until 2009. Join photojournalist Martin Edström, as he photographs The Son Doong Cave in 360 degrees.

1.What does this photojournalist do?

2.How big is this cave?  How old is it?

3.How does light seep into the cave?

4.What feeling do you get there?

5.What does to “illuminate” something mean?

6.What does this photojournalist want to make people realize?


Now Read This - The New York Times

Feb 11, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

Classwork on February 11th and Homework for February 18th


reading: sb–pp.78 and 79; Valentine's Day--National Geographic text, on the origins of

listening: sb–p.82; The Addams Family--Lurch Learns How to Dance

writing: sb–pp.86 and 87

presentations on accommodation: Artem, Gabriel and Dimitris; and Lila, Michael and Iris


study for term test on units 1-4 (Revise all the vocabulary in the companion and go over all the grammar in the student's book and English in Use. I'm also sending your parents the pdfs that we discussed in class, on the relevant grammar, so please make sure they check their emails!)


Explore the World's Largest Underwater Cave | National Geographic

1.Where is the world’s largest underwater cave?

2.How long is the cave?

3.The cave holds an important large fresh water reserve that supports great _______________.

4.What kind of sites have been found inside the cave?


Stay in one of Norway's cool ice hotels | Snow hotels

Feb 4, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 4th and homework for February 11th


reading: questions on “All Summer in a Day”

unit test 6

grammar: sb–p.85

speaking and reading: presentations on accommodation--Coco Mat, Ice Hotel, NYC (computer lab)


companion--pp.75,76 and 77

workbook--pp.40,41,42,43 and 44

English in Use--pp.81,82,83 and 84, exs.6 and 7



1.Would you ever consider staying at a place like this?

2.What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Museum of Ice Cream Comes to Austin: Creamy, dreamy, cold and  Instagrammable: In the Domain in August - Food - The Austin Chronicle


Jan 28, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 28th and homework for February 4th


reading: All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury

grammar: sb–pp.81, 167 

speaking: group activity on travel, with pictures–see


study for test on units 5 and 6

Use: pp.86,87,88,89, ex.7

student's book: pp.80 and 84

Watch the following video and write an email describing this trip to a friend.

Galapagos Expedition, Part 1 (National Geographic)


Have a great weekend!

14 Dizzying Pictures of Roller Coasters and Thrill Rides


Jan 21, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 21st and homework for January 28th

Please do not forget to inform your parents that they can come to the school on Saturday, January 28th, between 2:30 and 3:30, to discuss your progress with me!



grammar: sb–pp.73 and 167

writing: sb–pp.74 and 75

video: sb–p.76

unit 5 test

listening: wkbk–p.36


student's book–p.66, exs.3,4 and 5; p.70, ex.1; sb–p.75, exam task (writing)

wkbk–p.36, exs.1,2 and 3; p.37, p.38


English in Use–p.68

Collocations with sports: learn the specific verbs that go different sports!,online_chips:verbs+followed&usg=AI4_-kTev7R9t1MtTayoo_lelJ2iqKcfGw&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjw8tPfvrviAhXrlIsKHblfCucQ4lYIKigC&biw=1821&bih=833&dpr=0.75#imgdii=bwV8hLl2UYD6dM:&imgrc=i0sstQ9LZ4PONM:


Have a Great Weekend!

See Olympic skateboarder Heimana Reynolds' signature moves captured by 36  GoPros - Washington Post

Jan 14, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 14th and homework for January 21st


reading: sb–pp.66 and 67 (unit 6)

grammar: sb–pp.69, 166 and 167; Use–pp.69 and 70

listening: sb–p.70

speaking: sports--extreme sports video and pictures (plus houses--exteriors)


study for unit 5 test

English in Use–pp.66,67

student's book--pp.68 and 72

workbook--pp.34 and 35

Snowboarding: Giving the Bird the Bird

1.Would you ever like to try a sport like this?

2.How would you describe the people who do such sports?


Conner Coffin Teams Up With 805 Beer - 805 Beer

Jan 7, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 7th and homework for January 14th


speaking: The BFG plot summaries, with illustrations

reading: sb–pp.54 and 55

grammar: sb–p.61 and 166

listening: sb–p.58


student’s book–pp.56, 60; p.63, Exam Task

companion–pp.55 and 56

workbook–pp.29, 31 and 32

Gorgeous Video: Rock Climbing in Oman (National Geographic)

1.What is deep water soloing (1:08)?

2.What happens to the water when you go high enough (1:20)?

3.What do you think a ‘veteran’ (2:00) rock climber is?

4.What does ‘landscape’ (2:51) mean?

5.What do you think ‘highlight’ (3:24) means?

Have a great weekend!

Sam Cox, doodle house


Dec 17, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 17th and homework for Xmas break


progress test on units 3 and 4

reading: finished The Fisherman and His Wife

speaking: houses, Tokyo apartment

listening: NYT Pastry Chef Decorates a Store-bought Gingerbread House Kit

writing: read their stories to each other (both D class groups)


I am sending your parents a We Transfer with the book, audiofiles and pdf with the comprehension questions you need to do as homework over the break.  Please make sure you tell them that they will be receiving this email (I will have sent it by Sunday, 12/18, 12:00 p.m.) and that they have to download the files which they will have access to for only a few days!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pastry Chef Decorates a Store-bought Gingerbread House Kit | NYT Cooking

Dec 10, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 10th and homework for December 17th


grammar: sb, p.57

reading: The Fisherman and His Wife (up to 18:00)

listening: workbook–p.24

speaking: Xmas gift giving (in pairs) "2022 Holiday Gift Guide"/NYT


study for progress test 2--units 3 and 4

workbook--pp.28 and 30

English in Use--pp.53,54,55,56 and 57, ex.7

writing: Write a story that starts with the following sentence: It was a normal Christmas Day, until I opened my last present….. (We're going to get together with the other D class section and share our stories with them!)

Life in a Crazy-Small 8m2 Tokyo Apartment

•Feb 1, 2017

1.How does the girl in this video demonstrate just how small her apartment is?

2.What caught her eye in this apartment?

3.Where is this apartment located?

4.(1:52)”Even though it’s so _______________ , it doesn’t feel _______________ - _______________ .”

5.(3:12)What did she have to do to her toaster oven?

6.(5:34)What do you think a “fully-furnished” apartment is?

7.(5:44)What’s a challenge?

8.(5:52)You have to be so “selective with your possessions.”  Explain.

9.(9:37)How does the interviewer describe the girl’s bedroom?

10.What does she think is the biggest advantage of living in such a small space?

11.What does she struggle to do in her apartment?


A Zaha Hadid Design at the High Line - The New York Times

Dec 3, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 3rd and homework for December 10th


grammar: student's book--pp.49 and 165

listening: student's book--p.46, all exercises; p.52, video; The Addams Family/The Addams Go To School--first 2 scenes

speaking: fashion, with pictures


student's book--pp.50 and 51


companion--pp.43, 44, 50, 51, 53 and 54

English in Use--p.45, p.46, p.47, exs.6 and 7; p.49-52

City versus country life--HarvardX

1.What do you think a ‘feline’ (0:12) is?

2.Why has the male mouse come to the city?

3.What does he say about Amazon Prime (0:28)?

4.What does the female mouse say in response to this (0:49)?

5.What do they each say about traffic (1:00)?

6.What do they say about jobs (1:29)?

7.What are the advantages of living in a city?

8.What do you think ‘urban’ (1:55) means?

9.What’s one disadvantage of living in the city?

10.What do you think ‘novelty’ (2:20) means?

11.What does the female mouse ask the male mouse to do before he leaves the city?


Nike, Manchester agency, 3d design, Jodie Rudge, Ngon, cgi, bespoke branding, Manchester 3D Artist Visualisation



Nov 26, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 26th and homework for December 3rd

classwork on November 26th and homework for December 3rd


reading: student’s book–pp.42 and 43

grammar: student’s book–p.45; English in Use–pp.43, exs.8 and 9; p.44

speaking: pictures in “fashion” and questions in, B1 new writing:

rewrite Thanksgiving articles after feedback


student’s book–pp.44 and 45

workbook–pp.22,23,24 and 25

companion–pp.47,48 and 49

English in Use–pp.40,41 and 42

video:  Imagine Making One Dress You’ll Wear Every Day For Life

What do these dresses symbolize for these women? How does this make you feel

Have a great weekend!

Today's best photos: from flamingo shoes to bunker shots

Gingerbread Men and Friends Rock On Funny Men's Christmas Sweater

Nov 19, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 19th and homework for November 26th


writing: student’s book–pp.38 and 39 and work on Thanksgiving articles

speaking: student’s book–p.40 and pictures of nature and environment, plus “Lights…time” and “What…Away?”

grammar: go over Perfect English exercises; Use–pp.38 and 39 listening: wkbk–pp.12 and 18

listening: workbook--pp.12 and 18


companion–pp.45 and 46

student’s book–pp.44,48 and p.39,Exam Task

workbook–pp.22,23 and 25

finish Thanksgiving article 

Octopuses 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Have a Nice Weekend!

52 Places for Travelers to Visit in 2022 - The New York Times

Nov 12, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

Classwork on November 12th and homework for November 19th


vocabulary: quiz (oral)

grammar: student's book--pp.37 and 164; English in Use--pp.33-39

writing: made plan for article on Thanksgiving (What is the History of Thanksgiving? | National Geographic--

speaking: student's book--p.40 and pictures, plus video "What Really Happens to the Plastic You Throw Away?"

listening: workbook--pp.12 and 18




writing--work on "Thanksgiving" article

study for test on unit 3

Plastics 101

Plastics 101 | National Geographic

•May 18, 2018

1.How is plastic made?

2.What are the effects of plastic on the environment?

3.What is being done to combat this?



Flamingos in a public bathroom.

Nov 5, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 5th and homework for November 12th


grammar: student's book--p.33, exs.4,5,6 and 7; English in Use--pp.23,24,25,26,27 and 28

listening: student's book--p.34; workbook--p.12

progress test: units 1 and 2


student's book--pp.32 and 36


page 31: 1,3,5,6,8-14,16,17

page 32: 19-23,25-39,41-44

page 33: 45-51,56-68

workbook--pp.16,17,18 and 19

English in Use--pp.29,30 and 31

Coral Reefs 101 | National Geographic

•Nov 7, 2017

 1.Why is it important to protect coral reefs?

2.Why are coral reefs compared to the rain forest?

3.What is one of the biggest threats to coral reefs?


Own Some of Nat Geo's Best Photography


Oct 22, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on October 22nd and homework for November 5th


reading: student's book--pp.30 and 31

speaking: on nature, with videos and pictures

vocabulary: tested orally

grammar: student's book--pp.33,163 and 164


Reminder: This is homework for 2 weeks!

study for progress test 1/units 1 and 2

check your parents' emails for pdfs on 'used to' and 'would', 'be used to' and 'get used to'


watch the following 2 videos and answer the questions that follow

Deserts 101 | National Geographic

1.What are the hottest deserts on earth?

2.(1:35)”_______________ their _______________ to water, coastal deserts remain _______________.”

3.(1:54)_______________ deserts experience extreme temperatures and receive very little precipitation, they are still important habitats for plants and animals.”

4.What do you think “precipitation” (1:58) means?

5.How does the saguaro cactus survive?

6.(2:25)”Highly _______________ to survive in such a harsh environment, desert wildlife is particularly _______________ to _______________ changes.  Existing deserts have become less _______________ because of rising temperatures that dry up _______________ water resources and increase the _______________ of wildfires.  Additionally, new desert areas are beginning to form through _______________.”

Why does this occur?

7.Where is the youngest desert on the planet and how was it formed?

8.Is it possible to stop desertification?

Tigers 101 | National Geographic

•Feb 8, 2019

1.(0:02) ”With their _______________ orange fur and black stripes, tigers have become_______________ of beauty, power and the importance of _______________ .”

2.(0:15) What is a “subspecies”?

3.(0:17) When did tigers first appear on earth?

4.(0:24) What’s an “ancestor”?

5.(0:37) “The most numerous subspecies is the Bengal tiger.”  What is the narrator saying here about the Bengal tiger?

6.(0:43) What do the adverb “approximately” and the phrasal verb “accounting for” mean?

7.(1:12) How are tigers different from lions?

8.(1:20) What do a tiger’s webbed toes facilitate them with?

9.(1:50) What does the white tiger lack?

10.(2:33) What three things have led to the decline in the tiger’s population?

11.(2:42) How much of an impact did the above have on the tiger?

12.(2:54) Is there optimism about the future of the tiger?

The following assignment is optional:

Halloween kids' recipes

43 Recipes

activity: Make a recipe of your choice and film yourself doing so, making sure to include these steps:

A standard recipe must contain the following data:

  1. Title.

  2. Description.

  3. Preparation and cooking time.

  4. Number of servings and serving size.

  5. List of ingredients with accurate measurements.

  6. Step-by-step directions.  

When you're done, send the file to my email!

The Addams Family episode we started, and one more:

You can also watch this, just for the fun of it!



Opinion | Guess what? Halloween is more Christian than Pagan - The  Washington Post

Oct 15, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on October 15th and homework for October 22nd


writing: student book--pp.26 and 27 and other notes on writing reviews--

Before you write, make sure you know the general message you want to convey. A simple thesis will help keep your review from straying off-topic. This could be as straightforward as “I really liked this meal!” or as complex as “These shoes took a while to wear in.” Think to yourself: If I were telling a friend about this, what would I want their main takeaway to be?

Avoid vague words and phrases like “The service was bad” or “The pie was great.” Instead, provide specific details like, “The server was friendly but inexperienced and botched our drink order” or “The lemon meringue pie had a wonderfully flaky crust, a tart and tangy filling, and dreamy melt-in-your-mouth meringue.”

Judge the product, restaurant, escape room, or dog park for what it is. If you’re reviewing a McDonald’s, don’t complain about how you weren’t waited on hand and foot. Write your review based on reasonable expectations.

listening: student book--pp.22 and video on p.28

grammar: student book--p.25 and 163;  English in Use--pp.13,14 and 18, exs.8 and 9

reading: D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths

speaking: Dinner in the Sky (Chicago and London)


English in Use--p.18, ex.7; pp.20,21 and 22


page 22: 73,75-76,78,80-90

page 23: 93-102,105,107,111,112

page 24: 113-116,119-130,132-135

page 25: 138-144

student book--p.27, exam task

What Makes Gum Chewy? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 5)

1.What do you think the expressions “from scratch” and “trial and error” mean (5:03)?

2.What is his gum like when he first puts it in his mouth?  What makes it softer?

3.What do you think “withstands your mouth” means?

Have a great weekend!

deer mexico Huichol wixarica Mexican Design Huicholes Mexican ILLUSTRATION  interior design  painting

Oct 8, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on October 8th and homework for October 15th


unit 1 test

grammar: Perfect English--present simple and continuous, ex.3 (to finish grammar in unit 1); student book--pp.21 and 163

speaking: "Do you consider this junk food?" (NYT x 3);  "The Joy of Cooking (Insects)"; "Rome Gets Its First Pizza Vending Machine.  Will Romans Bite?"; pictures of food and restaurants (presentations in pairs)


Try to use these English to English dictionaries from now on:

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary


workbook--pp.12 and 13


page 19: 1-12,14-19

page 20: 20,21,23,24,26-34,37-40,45,46

page 21: 47,48,50-54,57-71

English in Use--pp.15,16 and 17

Watch the following video and answers the questions below.

Caffeine 101

1.The narrator says, “...caffeine is so thoroughly entrenched in our daily routines.”  What does she mean and what evidence does she give of this?

2.What does the chemical compound caffeine do?

3.What does this result in/What effect does it have on our behavior?

4.What does “daily consumption took off sporadically at different times and different places around the world” mean?

5.What are “caffeine infused products”?

6.What are the side effects of drinking too much coffee?

7.What are ‘lethal’ consequences?

8.What does “increased focus and alertness” mean?

Have a great weekend!

Los Angeles Is the Sprawling Sushi Capital of the US - The New York Times


Oct 1, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on October 1st and homework for October 8th


reading: student book--pp.18 and 19; D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths--In Olden Times and The Titans

listening: workbook--p.6

grammar: English in Use--pp.8, exs.8 and 9; p.9, ex.11; pp.13 and 14; Perfect English exercises--simple present or present continuous, exercises 1, 2 and 3


study for unit 1 test

student book--pp.20 and 24

workbook--pp.10,11 and 13

AND watch the following video and do the questions that follow.

We Are What We Eat: Afghanistan | Nat Geo Live

1.This talk is about the “evolution of diet”.  What do you think the speaker means here?

2.What is it that differentiates Little Pamir from the rest of Afghanistan?

3.Who are the Kyrgyzs?

4.What grows there?

5.What do you think a ‘pastoralist nomad” is (1:06)?

6.What job do young boys do?  And girls?

7.What is their house like?

8.Where do they get the flour to make bread?

9.Do they use money?

10.(5:15)What does the photographer mean when he says, “There’s no waste.  You can’t afford waste.”?

11.How did he get the nickname ‘eye-eater”?

Have a great weekend!

Blueberry Smoothies



Sep 24, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on September 24th and homework for Sept.31st


writing: student's book--pp.14 and 15; /b1-preliminary-pet/writing, with note-taking

speaking: student's book--p.16, Project 1, with pictures

grammar: student's book--pp.13, 162 and 164

listening: The Last Mermaids of Jeju, National Geographic - Cheju Island, South Korea, Zebra for a Day


student's book--pp.8 and 12 (voc) and p.15, Exam Task (writing)



page 8: 72-90

page 9: 92-96,103-105,107-113

page 10: 114,116,117,119,126-133

page 11: 144,145,148,149,150,153,154,155,158,159

page 12: 165-168

English in Use: pp.8, ex.7; mp.9, ex.10; pp.10,11 and 12

Have a great weekend!

A dog lies on an operating table in a veterinarian's clinic. (alexsokolov—Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Sep 17, 2022 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

Classwork on September 17th and Homework for September 24th


Welcome to D class!  Hope we all have a productive, fulfilling and fun academic year!


grammar: student's book--pp.9 and 161

reading: student's book--pp.6 and 7

speaking: professions, with pictures

listening: student's book--p.10

vocabulary: student's book--p.12


companion: pp.5-7

Pay special attention to the following words:

page 5: 2-13,15,17,19,20-21

page 6: 24-27,29,30-31,34,36,37,39,40,42,44-46

page 7: 47-49,51-55,58,60-62,64-70

English in Use--pp.4-7



We're at breaking point': will UK scientists' big ideas survive Brexit? |  Universities | The Guardian