Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Apr 20, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on April 20th and homework for April 27th

For anyone who is interested in the Style exam, please note that the last day of registration is April 27th, for the June 15th exam!


listening: student's book--pp.118 and 124

reading: pp.115-116

grammar: English in Use--pp.127 and 128; student's book--p.129

speaking: entertainment, with pictures and videos

rehearsed Terabithia roles for last day's performance


English in Use–pp.129-132 (review)

study for progress test 5--units 9 and 10

all of unit 10 in workbook, except the listening!

sb–p.120 (voc1)

Dance Company Residency Program - Ballet Tech - The NYC Public School for  Dance

Apr 13, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on April 13th and homework for April 20th


grammar:student’s book–pp.117 and 121

reading: student book–pp.126-127 (unit 11)

listening: student’s book–unit 10; wkbk—p.54; sb–p.106, ex.2

writing: sb–pp.110-111

speaking: unit 10, with pictures and videos


workbook–p.56 (grm2)

English in Use–pp.112,113,114,116,117,118,119,120,123,124,125 and 126

Best Elementary/ Middle/ High School Assembly Magic Show : Eric Wilzig

Apr 6, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on April 6th and homework for April13th


grammar: English in Use–p.96, exs.8 and 9 (word formation) and pp.103-106 (review); student’s book–pp.105 and 109

Khan Academy video on direct and indirect objects

progress test 4

reading: student book–pp.114-115

listening: student’s book–p.118 and workbook--p.60


student’s book–pp.104,108,116 and 122

workbook--pp.52,53,54 and 55

English in Use--pp.107-111

For those of you who have character roles in the presentation, prepare the following questions, in bullet point form--


Also, please don't forget to print them out and bring them to class next week!

Have a great weekend!

If a Robotic Hand Solves a Rubik's Cube, Does It Prove Something? - The New  York Times

Mar 30, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 30th and homework for April 6th


grammar: student book--p.97 (grm1), p.93 (grm2) and English in Use--p.96, exs.8-10

reading: student book--p.90 and p.103

listening: student book--p.96, ex.7; p.94; p.100 (video) and finished watching Bridge to Terabithia (, pp.104 and 106

writing: student's book--pp.98 and 99


English in Use: pp.92,93,94,95,96--just ex.10, 97,98,99,100,101 and 102

study for progress test 4, which is on units 7 and 8

Have a great weekend!

Review: Yunchan Lim, Teenage Piano Star, Arrives in New York - The New York  Times

Mar 16, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 16th and homework for March 23rd


Don't forget that, due to the holiday, there will be no class next week!  See you on March 30th!


finished reading "Bridge to Terabithia" and all reading comprehension questions

watched "Bridge to Terabithia"--up to __________

unit 7 test

picked roles for end of year performance


companion--unit 8, first 3 pages

workbook--pp.46 and 47

student's book--pp.92 and 96

Enjoy your 3-day weekend!

The Sport of Parkour Gets a Growing Following - The New York Times

Can parkour reshape power relations in urban environments? - Stories -  Adventure Uncovered

Mar 9, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 9th and homework for March 16th


vocabulary quiz on half of unit 7 (pages 75-77)

listening: workbook--p.42, ex.2

grammar: student's book--p.85

speaking: on travel, with pictures, in pairs

reading: Bridge to Terabithia--chapter

writing: student's book--pp.86 and 87


English in Use--pp.87-89; p.90, exs.6 and 7; p.91

study for test on unit 7

student's book--p.87, Exam Task


What It's Really Like to Sleep in the Ice Hotel - Review of the Ice Hotel  in Sweden



Mar 2, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on March 2nd and homework for March 9th


grammar: student’s book–p.81 (tag questions), Use–pp.74, 76-80 and 81-85

writing: pp.86 and 87

speaking: travel, in pairs, with picture cards

Progress test 3


student’s book–pp.80 and 84 



English in Use--p.79, ex.8, pp.84-85

World's coolest ice hotels | Travelzoo

Feb 24, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 24th and homework for March 2nd


writing: student’s book–pp.74 and 75

listening: student’s book–pp.76 and 82

reading: student’s book–pp.78 and 79

grammar: English in Use–third conditional and student’s book–p.81

speaking: travel


study for progress test on units 5 and 6

student’s book–p.75, Exam Task


1.Would you ever consider staying at a place like this?

2.What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?

Have a nice weekend!

The winners of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018  - LifeGate


Feb 17, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 17th and homework for February 24th


reading: student’s book–pp.66 and 67, exs.3,4,5 and Exam Task

grammar: student’s book–p.73 and extra grammar--Pearson Intermediate: pp.134 and 135

writing: student’s book–pp.74 and 75 (essay)

listening: student’s book–p.70

speaking: sports, with physical pictures and in pairs


companion–next 3 pages

workbook–pp.37 and 38

Terabithia–read chapters 9 and 10 and do the following questions:

Chapter 9
1) Why did Jess's father leave early every morning?
2) What did Jess decide he would do in the summer?
3) Why did Miss Edmunds phone?
4) Why did Jess decide that it would be better if his mother wasn't fully awake when
he asked her if he could go?
5) How did Jess feel when he was in the car?
6) In what ways was the gallery like the pine grove?
7) What did they go to see after lunch?
8) Where had Miss Edmunds spent a year at college?
10) What signs showed that something was wrong?
11) What did his mother do when she saw him?
12) What did May Belle say?
13) What did Brenda say?
14) Did the title of this chapter prepare you for what was going to happen?

Chapter 10
1) What is Jess's father doing?
2) What does this suggest to us?
3) What did Jess do?
4) Why do you think his father sat quietly in the truck when they got back to the house?
5) What did Jess imagine telling Leslie?
6) Why do you think his mother made him pancakes?
7) What did his father do when he came in?
8) What did his father suggest that they should do?
9) Why do you think Jess was puzzled when his father described Leslie as a little girl?
10) Why do you think May Belle's parents wouldn't bring her too?


Circus Acrobats — Circus Uncertainty


Feb 10, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 10th and classwork for February 17th


test on unit 5

grammar: sb–p.69 (zero and first conditionals), extra grammar and English in Use–p.69

speaking: sports

listening: student’s book, p.70


student’s book–pp.68 and 72


workbook–pp.34,35 and 36

English in Use–pp.65-68 and 70

Your Black and White Adventure Photos


Feb 3, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on February 3rd and homework for February 10th


speaking: Royal Canin–see “Close-up B1 unit 5 add to contents” and your idea of a dream house

grammar: English in Use–unit 10 and wkbk–p.32

reading: sb–p.66



study for unity test 5

read chapters 7 and 8 in Bridge to Terabithia and do the questions

Chapter 7
1) Why were Leslie and Jess spending less time together?
2) In what way was he afraid to spoil the magic of Terabithia?
3) Why did he now wish that they had never bought the doll for May Belle?
4) Why was Jess surprised to hear that Leslie was learning to 'understand' her father?
5) Do you think most teenagers would think like Jess?
6) What did Judy read to them while they were working?
7) How long had it been since they had last been to Terabithia?
8) What did Leslie hear?
9) Give two reasons Leslie knew that it was her.
10) Why had Janice been crying?
11) What was an important rule at Lark Creek School?
12) What advice had Leslie given Janice?
13) Why did Leslie feel happy?
14) What did May Belle tell Jess that night?

Chapter 8
1) What does the author mean when she writes about the elements conspiring?
2) What did the creek remind them of?
3) How did Jess feel about crossing the creek?
4) Why did they go to the sacred grove?
5) Describe how the grove looked and sounded that day.
6) Do you think the author is trying to tell us something?
7) What do you think is going to happen?
8) Why did Jess feel he was not worthy to be King of Terabithia?
9) What did Jess realise in the middle of the night?
10) What did he decide to tell Leslie?
11) What did he mind?
12) Why did he hardly sleep for the rest of the night?


Jan 27, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 27th and homework for February 3rd


speaking: houses, with pictures

grammar: sb–pp.57 and 61 and extra grammar

writing: sb–pp.62 and 63

reading: Bridge to Terabithia--chapter 6, with questions

listening: sb–p.58


student’s book–pp.56 and 60; p.63, exam task



This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

•Apr 5, 2019

1.(1:08)What do you think “secluded” means?

2.What happened here in the past?

3.(2:41)What do you think the words “exterior” and “stark” mean?

4.(2:51)The owner thinks the house ”blends into” the valley.  What does he mean?

5.(3:23)How did this couple meet?

6.(4:40)What does “DIY” mean?

7.(4:53)What does the presenter/host/interviewer mean when he says, “You do have a background in construction, don’t you?”

8.(5:21)What is the contraption at the back of the house?

9.Did they buy the light fixture on the ceiling?

10.What do they do in the evening?

11.(7:20)What do you think to “compromise” means?

12.(9:39)Where are their kitchen appliances?  Why have they put them there?

13.(11:03)What do you think the word “transition” means?

14.(14:21)What is the adjective that means “having a lot of space”?

15.(15:22)Is the home “living up to their expectations”?

16.How long have they been living there?

17.What do you think a “functional” house is?



Jan 20, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 20th and homework for January 27th


Please remind your parents about the parent teacher meeting next Saturday, January 27th, from 2:30 to 4:30!


reading: student’s book–pp.54 and 55 and Bridge to Terabithia, with questions

listening: Megabridges

Impossible Bridges - Denmark to Sweden (megastructures - documentary)

National Geographic Rio Antirio Bridge in Greece

grammar: student’s book–p.57 and p.61

speaking: houses

unit 4 test


companion–first 3 pages

student’s book–p.56

workbook–pp.28 and 29

English in Use–pp.53-58

City versus country life--HarvardX

1.What do you think a ‘feline’ (0:12) is?

2.Why has the male mouse come to the city?

3.What does he say about Amazon Prime (0:28)?

4.What does the female mouse say in response to this (0:49)?

5.What do they each say about traffic (1:00)?

6.What do they say about jobs (1:29)?

7.What are the advantages of living in a city?

8.What do you think ‘urban’ (1:55) means?

9.What’s one disadvantage of living in the city?

10.What do you think ‘novelty’ (2:20) means?

11.What does the female mouse ask the male mouse to do before he leaves the city?

Have a great weekend!

A Zaha Hadid Design at the High Line - The New York Times




Jan 13, 2024 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on January 13th and homework for January 20th


writing: sb–pp.50 and 51

listening: sb–p.52 (video) and wkbk–p.24

grammar: Use–p.43, exs. 8 and 9 and p.47, exs.8 and 9

vocabulary: sb–p.46, ex.1

speaking: fashion, with pictures 



study for unit 4 test

English in Use–pp.45, 46, 47 (only exs. 6 and 7 on this page!), pp.48-52

Leanna McAlpine - Nike Live Concept


Dec 23, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 23rd and homework for January 13th


grammar: Can you catch all the gingerbread people?/Washington Post

reading and listening: The Hound of the Baskervilles


Bridge to Terabithia--read chapters 4 and 5 and write a summary for each!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

San Diego Christmas lights: 8 of the best holiday displays - The San Diego  Union-Tribune


Dec 16, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 16th and homework for December 23rd


vocabulary quiz: first half of unit 4

writing: unit 4–pp.50 and 51 (story)

grammar: student’s book–p.49 

listening: sb–p.46 

Xmas project--cookie recipes/NYT


student’s book: pp.44 and 48 (vocabulary)

companion: pp.48,49,50 and 51

workbook: p.25

Extreme Animal Relationships | Earth Unplugged

1.What does ‘symbiosis’ mean?

2.What are ‘mutualistic’, ‘commensalistic’ and ‘parasitic’ relationships?  Give an example of each in your explanation.

Image may contain Art Handbag Accessories Purse Accessory Bag and Modern Art

Dec 9, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 9th and homework for December 16th


writing: computer lab for power points of Thanksgiving writings 

speaking: products and packaging

grammar: student’s book–p.45 and extra grammar (Perfect English exercise 1)

unit 3 test


English in Use–pp.40,41,42,43–ex.7 only and p.44

workbook--pp.23 and 24

companion–pp.45,46 and 47

Deserts 101 | National Geographic

Go over vocabulary and then do questions!



1.What are the hottest deserts on earth?

2.(1:35)”_______________ their _______________ to water, coastal deserts remain _______________.”

3.(1:54)_______________ deserts experience extreme temperatures and receive very little precipitation, they are still important habitats for plants and animals.”

4.What do you think “precipitation” (1:58) means?

5.How does the saguaro cactus survive?

6.(2:25)”Highly _______________ to survive in such a harsh environment, desert wildlife is particularly _______________ to _______________ changes.  Existing deserts have become less _______________ because of rising temperatures that dry up _______________ water resources and increase the _______________ of wildfires.  Additionally, new desert areas are beginning to form through _______________.”

Why does this occur?

7.Where is the youngest desert on the planet and how was it formed?

8.Is it possible to stop desertification?

10 best vintage shops in Amsterdam



Dec 2, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on December 2nd and homework for December 9th


grammar: Use–p.33, exs.8-9; p.38

reading: sb–pp.42 and 43

listening: sb–p.46

speaking: fashion, with pictures and videos

Bridge to Terabithia: chapter 3


Please don't forget to send me your Word docs of your Thanksgiving writing assignment!

study for unit 3 test

workbook–p.22, Exam Task

Imagine Making One Dress You’ll Wear Every Day For Life

What do these dresses symbolize for these women?  How does this make you feel?

Enjoy your weekend!

Why We Cover High Fashion - The New York Times


Nov 25, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 25th and homework for December 2nd


grammar: student's book--p.37 (articles)

vocabulary quiz on pp.31-33 in companion

reading: Bridge to Terabithia--finished and went over questions on chapters 1 and 2 and read chapter 3 (up to p.35)

listening: What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce and continued Addams episode (but didn't finish!)

speaking: Xmas gifts, in pairs


English in Use-- pages 30-33, ex.7; pp.34-39

workbook--pp.19 and 20

student's book--p.36

Tigers 101 | National Geographic

•Feb 8, 2019

1.(0:02) ”With their _______________ orange fur and black stripes, tigers have become_______________ of beauty, power and the importance of _______________ .”

2.(0:15) What is a “subspecies”?

3.(0:17) When did tigers first appear on earth?

4.(0:24) What’s an “ancestor”?

5.(0:37) “The most numerous subspecies is the Bengal tiger.”  What is the narrator saying here about the Bengal tiger?

6.(0:43) What do the adverb “approximately” and the phrasal verb “accounting for” mean?

7.(1:12) How are tigers different from lions?

8.(1:20) What do a tiger’s webbed toes facilitate them with?

9.(1:50) What does the white tiger lack?

10.(2:33) What three things have led to the decline in the tiger’s population?

11.(2:42) How much of an impact did the above have on the tiger?

12.(2:54) Is there optimism about the future of the tiger?

Enjoy your weekend!

Endangered Species in the Spotlight


Nov 18, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

Classwork on November 18th and Homework for November 25th


grammar: sb–p.33 and extra

reading: sb–pp.30 and 31

unit 2 test

Bridge to Terabithia: finished chapter 2 and questions in student workbook on chapter 1

listening: wkbk–p.18


student’s book–p.32 (voc), p.39, Exam Task


workbook–p.18, exs.1,2 and 3

English in Use–p.29

Coral Reefs 101 | National Geographic

•Nov 7, 2017

1.Why is it important to protect coral reefs?

2.Why are coral reefs compared to the rain forest?

3.What is one of the biggest threats to coral reefs?

National Geographic gears up for Earth Day



Nov 11, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 11th and homework for November 18th


grammar: English in Use–pp.26-28

speaking: food–Bento Box, 12 Stunning Cookies and restaurant reviews (presentation in pairs) 

reading: Bridge to Terabithia–from chapter 1, p.9 to p.19


writing: student’s book–pp.38 and 39 (unit 3)

listening: student’s book–p.34

Thanksgiving activity: 

Attitude of Gratitude

7 Mindsets on January 31 2018


study for progress test 1, which is on units 1 and 2, so make sure you also revise the material in unit 1!!!

write a journal entry about the things in your life that you're grateful for, especially those which most people take for granted.

workbook–pp.16 and 17

On World Environment Day, experience 50 amazing photos of Earth

Nov 4, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on November 4th and homework for November 11th


grammar: sb–p.21, ex.5, p.25; Use–p.18, exs.8 and 9; p.23, exs.8 and 9; p.25


Perfect English: Past Simple or Past Continuous Exercise 2, Used to and Infinitive Exercise1 and Be Used to Exercise 1

speaking: food

reading: Bridge to Terabithia--chapter 1, p.9


workbook–pp.13 and 14

English in Use–pp.19,20,21,22,23, only ex.7 and p.24


What Makes Gum Chewy? | Ingredients With George Zaidan (Episode 5)

1.What do you think the expressions “from scratch” and “trial and error” mean (5:03)?

2.What is his gum like when he first puts it in his mouth?  What makes it softer?

3.What do you think “withstands your mouth” means?

Have a nice weekend!

Sushi Yasuda | Restaurants in Midtown East, New York




Oct 21, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on October 21st and homework for November 4th

Please don't forget that next Saturday is a national holiday, so there won't be class.  Also, don't forget to bring your copy of "Bridge to Terabithia"on November 4th!!!


grammar: sb–p.21 and Pearson, Azar and/or Perfect English

listening: sb–p.22; p.28 (video); workbook–p.12

writing: pp.26 and 27, Ted video on writing stories

speaking: “In Tuscany”, “12 Stunning Cookies”, 3 short NYT videos, “Rome…Bite?”


student’s book–pp.20 and 24 (voc)

workbook–p.10, Exam Task; p.11 (voc); p.12 (grm)

English in Use–pp.15,16,17 and 18, ex.7 only

We Are What We Eat: Afghanistan | Nat Geo Live

1.This talk is about the “evolution of diet”.  What do you think the speaker means here?

2.What is it that differentiates Little Pamir from the rest of Afghanistan?

3.Who are the Kyrgyzs?

4.What grows there?

5.What do you think a “pastoralist nomad” is (1:06)?

6.What job do young boys do?  And girls?

7.What is their house like?

8.Where do they get the flour to make bread?

9.Do they use money?

10.(5:15)What does the photographer mean when he says, “There’s no waste.  You can’t afford waste.”?

11.How did he get the nickname ‘eye-eater”?



Oct 15, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

Classwork on October 14th and homework for October 21st

Please get a copy of the book, "Bridge to Terabithia", which we will be reading and analyzing this year in class.

Bridge to Terabithia



speaking: professions, with pictures

reading: student’s book–p.18, ex.6

listening: student’s book–p.22

grammar: English in Use–p.8, exs.8 and 9; p.9, ex.11; p.13, exs.8 and 9; p.14, exs.10 and 11 and Khan Academy videos on parts of speech (4)



English in Use–pp.10,11,12,13, ex.7 only!

study for test on unit 1

Watch the following video and answer the questions below!

We Are What We Eat: Crete | Nat Geo Live

1.What do you think ‘self-sufficient’ (3:05) means?

2.What kind of diet is the Cretan one?

3.Do you agree with the saying, “We are what we eat”?

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast - The New York Times

Sep 30, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on September 30th and homework for October 14th

Following guidelines from the Ministry of Education the school will be closed on Saturday, October 7th, due to the Regional and Municipality elections. 

Ακολουθώντας τις οδηγίες του Υπουργείου Παιδείας, το σχολείο θα παραμείνει κλειστό το Σάββατο 7 Οκτωβρίου, λόγω Δημοτικών και Περιφερειακών εκλογών.



reading–student book, pp.6 and 7/after exercise, played audio

speaking–student book, p.6, ex.1 and then discussed pictures of professions

listening–student book, p.10; workbook, p.6

writing–student book, pp.14 and 15\

grammar–student book, p.13; English in Use, pp.8 and 9 (voc, trans, word form)


student book: pp.8 and 12 (vocab); p.15, Exam Task–make sure you write between 150 and 200 words!

workbook: pp.4 and 5 (rdg and voc), p.6 (grm), p.7 (voc) 

companion: pp.9,10,11 and 12

Have a nice weekend!

National Geographic photographer shares stories, images of threatened  creatures | The Spokesman-Review


Sep 23, 2023 | Teacher: Kristina Jardin <>

classwork on 9/23 and homework for September 30th


Welcome to D class, everyone!  I'm sure we're going to have a fun and productive year! Don't forget to get a notepad (for your writing assignments), a binder and plastic files to keep your work neat and organized.


reading: King Midas and the Golden Touch (with questions for discussion)

grammar: present continuous and simple present (on board and in notebooks), sb--p.9, exs.1-4

speaking: group presentations on "being stranded on a deserted island"


English in Use: pp.4,56,7 and p.8, ex.7 only; student's book: p.9, exs.5 and 6

companion: pp.5-8 

workbook: p.5, p.6, exs.1,2 and 3

This is the dictionary you should be using from now on:

Have a great weekend!

Scientists top list of most trusted professions in US | Science | The  Guardian