Saturday English Language Programme Homework

Jan 24, 2021 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 30/01

PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS: 15:30-17:10 (Please, read the email you will receive on Monday)

Homework for 30/1

Student's: p. 88 B reading and the following vocabulary exercises p. 87 (A+B) p. 89 (A+B) and p. 91 (A+B) 

Workbook: p. 60+62 (vocabulary) p. 57 (grammar) and p. 65 (writing: write about a food festival or a major celebration such as Christmas, Easter, birthday, etc) 

Grammar: p. 105- 107 (B-F: finish the exercises)

Companion: Unit 5 lessons 3-4 vocabulary (study the words)


Work covered

Corrected homework with grammar review

Grammar quiz (wishes/would rather/had better)

Companion Unit 5 lessons 3+4 

Student: reading tasks

Grammar: reported speech- statements (p. 103+)

extra help:

Charlotte's web: corrected homework and discussion


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Jan 16, 2021 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 23/01

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Homework for 23/01

Unit 4 quiz (grammar ONLY wishes and regrets/ would rather/had better)

Extra grammar practice click here

Use the following links for extra extra practice:  and

Student's: p. 86 (reading) and do p. 93 (writing) (Email any writing assignments you haven't sent)

Workbook: p. 56+58 (vocabulary) and 53 (grammar - would rather/had better)

Grammar:review Unit 4 lessons 4 and 5 and finish the exercises on p.95, 96, 97

Companion: Unit 5 lessons 1+2 vocabulary

Charlotte's Web: read chapter 10 'An Explosion' and complete this True/False events (click here) and draw Avery getting into trouble


Work covered 

Corrected homework with grammar review

Unit 4 test

Companion Unit 5 lessons 1+2 

Student: reading and vocabulary (unit 5/ lesson 1)

Grammar: Unit 4/ lesson 5 (would rather/had better)


Jan 9, 2021 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 16/1/2021

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Homework for 16/1

Unit 4 test (vocabulary, grammar ONLY zero, first, second and third conditionals and the wishes,reading and writing)

* Send listening tasks Student pg 67, 71 and 74

Student's: pg 72 (reading)

Workbook: pg 51 (grammar) and 52 (reading)

Workbook: pg 53 (write about laptops, or online learning or smart watches)

Companion: Unit 4 vocabulary

Work covered

Corrected homework

Student: Listening and speaking Unit 4

Grammar: Unit 4/ lesson 4 (wishes)

Speaking (wishes and regrets)

Charlotte's web: ch. 8-9 

Dec 19, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 9/01/2021

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Homework for 9/1/21 (Happy New Year!!!)

Workbook: p.47,48, 49, 50

Student's Book: Reading p. 70 and writing p. 75 (advantages and disadvantages of drones)

Grammar: Review the conditionals (0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Companion:Unit 4/  lessons 3+4 (study the words)

Charlotte's web:  read chapter 8 'A Talk at Home' and answer these 2 questions as well as draw Fern talking with the barn animals

How does Mrs Arabel feel about her daughter spending lots of time in the barn?

If you were Fern would you tell people about talking animals or would you keep it a secret?


read chapter 9 'Wilbur's Boast' and complete these sentences (click here) as well as draw the parts of a spider's body (you can look online)


Work covered

Corrected homework

Student's Book: reading and vocabulary tasks

Grammar: Unit 4/ lessons 1, 2,  3 (if/unless, 2nd and 3rd conditionals)

Companion: lesson 3+4/ unit 4

Read Ch 8 of Charolette's Web

Fun screenings


Dec 11, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 19/12

Homework for 19/12 (Use the same link for our next online lesson)

Student's book: p.68 (reading) and p. 75 B +C (writing)

Workbook: p. 44+46 (vocabulary) p. 45 A-C (grammar)

Companion: Unit 4 Lessons 1 and 2 


Work Covered

Corrected homework

Unit 3 test

Student;s Book: speaking, reading and vocabulary tasks (p. 64-67 and 69)

Companion: Unit 4/ lessons 1+2

Grammar: Unit 4/ lesson 1 (zero and first conditionals)

 Charlotte's Web: Reviewed Ch 7

Dec 5, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 12/12

Homework for 12/12 (Use the same link for our next online lesson)

Test Unit 3 (companion and grammar)

Workbook: p. 37, 39

Student's Book: p. 54 (reading) and p. 57 (writing)

Grammar: p.68-69/ ex.F+G and p. 72/ ex. D+E

Charlotte's Web: read chapter 7 and answer these 3 questions as well as draw how Wilbur deals with the 'bad news'.

How does Wilbur hear the bad news?

How does he react? and what does he do?

How do you think Wilbur feels at the end of the chapter?


Work covered 

Corrected homework

Workbook: p.41/ ex. A+B

Grammar: unit 3/ lessons 3+4 (future tenses)

Student's book: listening unit 3

Charlotte's web: reviewed chapter 6 and read chapter 7

Nov 28, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 5/12

Homework for 5/12 (Use the same link for our next online lesson)

Grammar: study lessons 2 and 5 and do p. 64 B, p. 65 E, F p. 76 E, F

Companion: unit 3/ lessons 3, 4 study the words

Workbook: p.35, 36, 38

Student's Book: p. 52 (reading) and p. 51/ ex. A-B Writing (You need to look at the pictures on p. 124/ lesson 2 and write the story)

Charlotte's Web: Finish chapter 6 and put the events in the right order (click here). Then, draw how the animals look at Templeton.

Thanksgiving activities: 1) make a list of things you are thankful for in order to complete as many letters of the alphabet as possible

2) Gather as many things you are thankful for as you can and take a picture (click here). If you want, email me the picture!

Work covered

Corrected homework

Companion: lessons 3+4

Student's Book: Unit 2 listening exercises and unit 3/ lessons 3+4 voc. exercises

Grammar: lessons 2+5 (past perfect simple vs past simple and clauses or reason and result)

Thanksgiving activities: The gratitude scavenger hunt and brainstorming on things we are thankful for, beginning with each letter of the ABC.

Charlotte's web: read part of chapter 6

Nov 21, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 28/11

Homework for 28/11 (Use the same link for our next online lesson)

Student's Book: p. 50 (reading comprehension)

Workbook: p. 32-34

Grammar: p. 60-61/ ex.C, D, F

EXTRA online practice quizzes:

Writing: Write a postcard to a friend (click here) and email it to me in a word or pdf document. Please, send your writing tasks for the last two weeks, as well!!!

Companion: unit 3/ lessons 1+ 2 (study the words)

Work covered

Corrected homework

Unit 2 Test 

Companion: lesson 1/ unit 3

Student's Book: p. 42-43 (reading), p.46-48 (speaking, reading comprehension and vocabulary exercises)

Grammar: unit 3/ lesson 1 (past perfect simple)

video tutorial:

Nov 14, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 21/11


Unit 2 test (review unit 2 grammar and vocabulary)

use the links below for extra practice

and watch the video we watched today

Student's Book: p.39/ E (writing)

Workbook: p. 28 (all) and p. 29 / A+B

Grammar: p. 54/ G

Halloween stories (type your stories and send them to me)

Charlotte's web: Take a picture of your favorite drawing and your favorite answers to a chapter's questions and send them to me (pdf files)

Work covered 

Homework corrected (check your answers in case you didn't manage to correct eveyrthing, here and here)

Charlotte's web: Ch. 5 (students shared their answers)

Grammar: clauses of contrast (lesson 5/ unit 2) Watched a video and did the exercises (check your answers in case you didn't manage to correct eveyrthing, here and here)

Unit 2 grammar review (extra online quizzes)





Nov 7, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 14/11

Homework for 14/11 (Use the same link for our next online lesson)

Student's Book: p. 36 (reading)

Workbook: p. 25, 26, 27 (Vocabulary and grammar exercises)

Companion: p. 39-40 (Study the words)

Grammar: p. 45 (odd numbers), p. 50/ ex. G and p.46/ ex. G and preview lesson 5/unit 2

Writing: Write an email about your favorite sport (use the notes, the model text and the vocabulary given) Click here

Charlotte's web

 Read Chapter 5 and answer the questions. Draw when Wilbur meets Charlotte.

1.Why is Wilbur unable to get to sleep?

2. What does the word 'salutations' mean?

3. What are Wilbur's doubts and fears about making friends with Charolette?

Halloween stories: pair work (C1 and C2 worked together on a story)

Email me your Halloween story and the name of the student you were partners with. You may type it and add the names.

Work covered

Corrected homework

Grammar: unit 2/ lessons 3+4 (Present perfect simple and continuous)

Companion: unit 2 /lesson 4

Charlotte's web: corrected ch. 4 and read part of ch. 5

Oct 31, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 7/11/2020

Homework for 7/11

Student's Book: p. 34 (Reading)

Workbook: p. 23-24

Grammar: study lesson 3/ unit 2

Companion: Lesson 3 (Study the words)

Charlotte's Web: Read Chapter 4 and answer the questions. Then draw Wilbur lonely and longing for a friend to play with.

Work covered

Corrected homework

Vocabulary Quiz

Grammar: unit 2/ lesson 2 (present perfect simple and past simple)

Halloween stories: pair work (C1 and C2 worked together to give an end to each other's story)

Student's book: reading/ lesson 1 and vocabulary exercises on lesson 3

Charlotte's web: introduction to chapter 4


Oct 24, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 31/10/2020

Homework for 31/10 (You may wear something black or something orange. Happy Halloween!!)

Companion: p. 33-36 (study the words)

Grammar: p. 38-39/ ex. E, F G and Preview lesson 2

SB: p. 32 (reading) and p. 33 (writing)

Workbook: p. 20+22 (vocabulary) and p. 21 (grammar)

Write a cliffhanger: Choose a beginning and write a mysterious, creepy or suspensful story. Remember to leave the ending off ( do not finish it)

Work covered

Corrected Homework

Test Unit 1

Grammar: Unit 2/ lesson 1 (Present perfect simple)

Companion p. 33-36

Student's Book: p. 28-33 (speaking and vocabulary exercises)



Oct 17, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 24/10/2020

Homework for 24/10

Workbook: p. 15,16,17 (only vocabulary and grammar)

Grammar: p.31-32/ ex.F-G and p. 33-34/ ex C+D

Student's Book: p. 21 (writing)

Charlotte's web: Chapter 3 (Draw the chase) and sequence events (handout)

Test Unit 1 (Review unit 1 Companion and Grammar: Present simple/ continuous, Stative verbs, Past simple/ continuous, Used to, Passive, order of adjectives)

Work covered

Correct homework

Grammar: lesson 4/ ex. A-E and lesson 5/ ex. A+B

Student's Book: Listening and Grammar exercises

Charlotte's web: Chapter 2  

Oct 10, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 17/10

Work covered on 10/10 (ONLINE)

  • Corrected homework
  • Reviewed: defining and non-defining clauses and past tenses / Grammar unit 1 lessons 2+3 (Use these videos for review)

  • Charlotte’s Web: Discuss emotions and correct answers
  • Student's Book: lesson 2 and 4: voc exercises and lesson 2 reading


Homework for 17/10

Grammar: pg 23 writing (Now Talk about It) write 5+ sentences about things that you used to do when you were younger

Grammar: pg 23 F; pg 26 F (odd) pg 27 G

Grammar: pg 28 and 35; preview passive and adjectives

Workbook: pgs 12 and 14 (vocabulary) and pg 11 and 13 B (grammar)

Companion: review Unit 1 unknown vocabulary you have highlighted

Student's Book: p. 18 Reading

Charlotte’s Web: read Ch 2 and answer the True/False statements into the novel notebook (click here for the T/F); draw Wilber in his setting in the open area on top



Oct 3, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 10/10

What we need: a notebook for the novel (half blank/ half lined) and a folder (for quizzes, tests, extra handouts, etc)

Covered on 3/10


Reading comprehension handout

Student's Book and Companion:: Unit 1 (lessons 1 and 3)

Grammar: Present simple and continuous; stative verbs, relative pronouns and defining relative clauses only (unit 1/ lessons 1 and 3)


Homework for 10/10

Student's Book: pg 16 (reading) and questions (B)

Student's Book: pg 13 (writing) 'Speaking' section

Grammar Book: pg 26 D and preview pg 20+ (past tenses) and pg 28 (passive) 

Companion: p. 24-28 (lessons 1+3) (highlight only the unknown words; interesting words and unusual spelling words under 'opener, reading, vocabulary')

Workbook: pg 8 + 10 (vocabulary) and Pg 9 +13 (grammar)


Charolette's Web

read Chapter 1

draw ONE scene into the TOP section of the notebook

choose from:

...carried an axe

...tried to pull the axe away

...poured warm milk into a bottle

...learned to suck from a bottle

...carried a gun into the kitchen


Answer these questions into the notebook (on the lines)

1. Who is Avery?

2. What does Fern feed to the pig?

3. Why, do you think, does Mr Arable change his mind?

4. How does Avery feel about pigs? Why do you think so?


Sep 26, 2020 | Teacher: Elena Agaitsi <>

Homework for 3/10/2020

Welcome to C' class

What we need: Amazing Engilsh 3 student's book, workbook, grammar, companion, 'Charlotte's Web' reader, a notebook (half blank/ half lined), pens, lined paper (for your writing tasks), pencils, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters and your mask as well as your water bottle!!

Homework for 3/10

Student's Book: p. 5 (grammar exercises)

Grammar Book: Preview unit 1 (Just to get an idea. Do not do any exercises)

Companion: p. 18-19 and 21-22 (only the unknown words under 'opener, reading, vocabulary')

Writing: Facts about someone I know (family, friends or celebrities). Write a paragraph

Work covered on 26/09

Grammar Book: Welcome unit/ lesson 1

Workbook: welcome unit / lesson 1 (grammar exercises)

Speaking and Writing: Facts about me (family, hobbies, pets, favorite movie, book, food, color, music, etc., )

Reading comprehension text